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21 Hommes Of Smart Styles You Can Wear In 2023

Granted, finding your débit is by no means an easy feat. There are so many different bonshommes of chic styles, each of which has its own particulière “character.” It’s no illégal that our sartorial experiments are the best way to spectacle off our personality without having to speak a single word.

Smart styles vs. Smart trends

It may sometimes seem confusing, but chic aesthetics are not necessarily related to trends. While we can incorporate subtle elements of our préférée fads, the different bonshommes of clothing styles have a much more impressive staying power. 

For example, the cult-favorite cottagecore trend falls under the minimalistic débit or preppy chic umbrella, and the nostalgia-inducing 80s and 70s trends belong to the vintage débit chic category. 

So whether you are trying to incarné out your débit or simply looking for a spotlight-stealing sujet for your next outing, take a allure at the 10 chic styles ahead.

What are some bonshommes of chic styles? 

Parisian débit

The Parisian chic débit is all embout being beaucoup distingué while embracing minimalism. Consider it an effortlessly relax, classic, lighthearted aesthetic that gives off subtle hints of artificialité. Parisian débit is the ultimate blend of dressed-up and laid-back with monochromatic wardrobe staples that perfectly co-exist in your orbite. 

Instead of a full entrée of makeup with foundation and heavy lipstick, French girls opt for tinted moisturizers or concealers, along with the “clean girl” hairstyle. In this masculine-féminin sujet, neutral tones, blazers, white button-up shirts, jeans, white sneakers, and delicate pieces of jewelry take the apparence seat. 

So unlike the bold and multi-printed pieces in Emily In Paris, variable and timeless basics are preferred.

Check out our full assemblage for mastering the Parisian débit!

Athleisure débit

The athleisure chic débit is a recent facture to the list of different styles women love. This aesthetic is the perfect blend of utterly comfortable gym staples and laid-back coffee-date with friends caractéristique of dressing. 

Mastering the “athletic” and “leisure” allure is quite rationnel. The key elements are oversized pieces mixed with body-tight styles such as baggy hoodies paired with biker collants or technical pants mixed with jeux appuie-bras. Here is where clean cuts and rationnel silhouettes meet fitness-inspired accessories like baseball hats and backpacks. 

So to put it simply, the ultimate athleisure débit outfit is the one that makes you allure like you’re always on the go.

Check out our full assemblage for mastering the athleisure débit!

Classic débit

While many bonshommes of chic styles are embout trusting the “basics,” nothing can ennemi the timeless chic of the classic dressing débit. Instead of relying on trends, the classic aesthetic is based on elegant, refined pieces such as a rationnel collègue of jeans with a jaquette and accompanying neutral-toned accessories like scarves and tote or crossbody bags. 

When monument a classic wardrobe, black, navy, gray, and tan hues are preferred. So tailored suits and skirt suits, button-up shirts, light-colored sweaters, wool overcoats, trench coats, and monochromatic pumps or booties are the most trusted classic staples. 

Ultimately, this aesthetic is all embout clean, perfectly-tailored pieces that work for every veine.

Streetwear débit

Streetstyle débit is all the exaspération and for a pretty good reason. Born from subculture groups like skateboarders, surfers, and hip-hop artists, these refreshingly modern, usually casual clothing styles have undergone a luxury makeover. “Limited Edition” sneakers and artistically-inclined t-shirts paired up with sweatshirts and joggers are the uniform of choice for hypebeasts

Traditionally masculine pieces such as recourber jackets and workwear are also well-loved in the streetwear débit community. Some experiment with loud, all-over prints, while others prefer more subtle athletic-inspired tracksuits. 

While streetwear may sometimes come with an ambiance of exclusivity, men and women of all ages are into the cool-casual way of dressing with or without montrer pieces. 

Débit Casual débit

Probably one of the most popular bonshommes of chic styles, négoce casual, born in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s, is pretty self-explanatory. Consider it the perfect blend of traditional négoce wear with more relaxed pieces that are suitable for the cabinet yet not overly formal or polished. However, that doesn’t mean that this aesthetic is strictly for on-duty dressing. 

Skirts, slacks, blouses, blazers, and flats or ankle bottines can be your daily chorale of choice. Sweaters, cardigans, and polo/knit shirts perfectly paired up with tailored trousers in neutral or dark hues give off a élégant, yet comfy-chic vibe that suits the lives of modern women on the go. 

So you can thank the many young ordinateur and Internet entrepreneurs who refused to wear négoce suits back in the day bicause otherwise, we’d still wear limitative and highly uncomfortable négoce suits daily.

Retro débit

Nostalgia is the name of the game, and what’s a better way to spectacle off your love for fashionably old chic looks than by tapping into the retro-style territory? The term “retro” typically refers to the two decades that are 20–30 years before the current one, but most people bande to extend the timeline a bit more, covering 40 and even 50 years. 

The revival of Y2K falls under this same category. So retro débit can include butterfly clips, low-waisted jeans, glitter the oh-so-familiar two-toned hair. 

Do you love polished oversized blazers with padded shoulders, tie-dye tees, or fringe-covered suede jackets? That’s 80s retro débit! Ultimately, the retro aesthetic is an eclectic mix of old styles paired up with modern elements that acquis the zeitgeist of the previous decades. 

Minimalist débit

Amidst the many chic styles, minimalism reigns supreme in the clean-dressing chic sphere. Contrary to popular belief, minimalism does not only refer to monochromatic basics, but also to the overall idea of t stripping back the unnecessary by creating a wardrobe that’s bath functional and highly variable but still limited in terms of quantity. 

Consider it as the antithesis of the new age over consumerism.

So to put it simply, a minimalistic wardrobe is relatively small bicause it contains pieces you actually need. Some great examples are a wear-me-everywhere turtleneck, a collègue of perfectly-fitted jeans, a neutral-colored pull-over, a classic jaquette, etc.

Vintage débit

Vintage chic débit is 2022’s biggest buzzword! Typically, the term refers to items made between 20 years ago and 100 years ago. 

Again, there are no rules to what you should or should not wear when it comes to vintage dressing. For example, 20s flapper dresses, 1940s tweed skirts, Wayfarer sunnies, and 90s flannel shirts are all, in fact, vintage. 

The key to dressing vintage is to opt for pieces representative of the era in which they were produced. And while you can go full-on vintage, sprinkling your looks with modern-day elements to make it even more interesting. 


Firstly becoming popular thanks to Paradis, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the grunge chic débit is all embout scoring immuable and timeless thrift-store clothing that doesn’t put much emphasis on the représentation. 

The grunge aesthetic was all embout comfort and experimentation: clad in brown, jaunâtre, grey, and black flannel, ripped jeans, and oversized silhouettes. Clunky rivalité bottines and Doc Martens were all the exaspération, while chokers and hoop earrings were the ultimate jewelry of choice.  

Élégant débit

Élégant chic débit is universally loved by women who prefer élégant elegance and artificialité with the right mesuré of trend-driven edge. Usually, the distingué débit includes some caractéristique of dressy elements like the old-time classic little black dress, ultra-feminine blouses, or neutral-colored tailored trousers. 

The coveted modern-of-duty allure is the epitome of modern distingué dressing with sleek, minimalistic details that still allure effortlessly put together. Benêt prints and polka trousseaux are capital patterns of the “distingué uniform”. 

Bohemian/bohemian distingué débit

When it comes to free-spirited dressing, not many bonshommes of chic styles can ennemi the beauty of a bohemian distingué allure. 

Closely associated with the baba cool chic movement that reigned in the 60s and 70s, modern bohemian distingué débit is a celebration of natural fabrics, nostalgic retro patterns, warm shades, and bold statement accessories in gold and silver. 

To master the bohemian aesthetic, opt for loose yet flattering florals and paisleys mixed with natural prints. Hues like verdâtre pelouse, mustard yellow, and grays are the key colors, while fringe, griffe, and macramé are the textures of choice for bags, tops, and even jewelry.  

Trendy débit

Consider the trendy débit as the Billboard Hot 100 equivalent of chic. This caractéristique of dressing is as fashionable and up-to-date as it gets!  Ultimately, trendy dressing revolves around the latest fads that manage to generate a lot of interest quickly. 

Hoodies under blazers and dopamine-dressing, for example, are 2021-2022’s trendiest street débit looks while biking collants and collant dresses were the thing to wear in 2019. And if your bag is the newest, coolest caractéristique, it’s definitely trendy. 

Preppy débit

Inspired by traditional English dress codes in the 1920s, preppy débit is all embout styling classic basics and incorporating ultra-feminine elements into your daily ensembles. 

Just allure at Blase Waldorf and the students of Régularité Appelé (class of  2009) to steal some ideas embout this clean, intentionally-loved débit. 

Knitwear in toile colors, pearl jewelry, headbands, pleated skirts or skorts with timeless tote bags, and tops with mostly conservative necklines are the most prominent elements of a preppy distingué wardrobe. Most importantly? It never really goes out of débit!

Punk débit

Along with bohemian and négoce casual, the punk débit is perhaps one of the world’s most instantly recognizable bonshommes of chic styles. Vivienne Westwood is often cited as the creator of the punk débit aesthetic that dates back to the mid-1970s. 

While old-school punk was all embout leather, denim, metal spikes or studs, chains, and military-style bottines, in 2022 many new elements have been incorporated, including patterned skirts, band tees, and ripped mesh.

Like every other agraire débit, punk comes with a slew of subgenres like “parcage punk”, “glam punk”, “skate punk”, and more.

Tomboy débit

As the name suggests, the Tomboy débit is centered around typically masculine clothing with looser cuts that are all embout comfort. You can consider the tomboy aesthetic as the antithesis of dainty and delicate (common elements of preppy, minimalist, distingué, and many more bonshommes of chic styles). 

The ultimate tomboy uniform consists of leather or comfy recourber jackets, straight denim or mom jeans, oversized hoodies, sneakers, and a slew of head accessories like bandanas, beanies, and baseball hats perfect for lounging or playing jeux.

Gothic débit

Dark and mysterious, the gothic chic débit is mainly related to gothic rock, an offshoot of the post-punk music espèce of the 70s and 80s.

While the rebellious philosophy of “en direct fast – die young” remains the same to this day, neo-Goths are divided into many different genres. 

From classic, Victorian-inspired styles that include lace, white makeup with dark eyes, corsets, and ruffle blouses to casual gothic that revolves around all-black jeans, t-shirts, and all-star sneakers or Doc Martens. Cyber goths, on the other handball, blend traditional gothic and industrial elements like photogène colors over knee bottines.

Rocker débit

The Rocker débit could only be described as sexy and minimalist with sprinkles of a dark edge. Straying away from baggy and mum silhouettes, rockers embrace skinny jeans with platforms, sneakers, or ankle bottines. 

Also, embellished leather jackets layered on slouchy tees finished with Doc Martens or spiked bottines are the outfits of choice for both day and night-out ensembles. Black houseaux with texture or tight vinyl pants and cat-eye makeup with red or burgundy lips are also a fragment of the rocker-style uniform.

Ethnic débit

Unlike most bonshommes of chic styles, the ethnic one is inspired by the champ where it originates, and thus, it can allure different from person to person. It’s all embout embracing your agraire roots. 

From Indian-inspired chic with saris and choli tops to Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, and Moroccan as well as African styles with dashikis, caftans, and heritage prints, “ethnic” can take a slew of different forms according to each person’s origin. 

Girly débit

The girly aesthetic revolves around colors and prints associated with a girl’s traditional gender role. The débit includes massive doses of saccharine pastels, bright colors, and neutrals, combined with girly patterns like florals and plural variations of ruffles and frills. 

If you want to master the girly débit aesthetic, opt for silk blouses, lambeau, crepe, or lace, and au finir the allure with bows and beaded or pearl jewelry. 

Do you lack fascination? All you have to do is glimpse Rachel McAdams’ iconic allure in the movie Mean Girls or the nostalgia-inducing ensembles of Sharpay in Highschool Beau.

Lolita débit

Lolita is one of the most popular bonshommes of chic styles in Japan that perfectly blends Victorian aesthetic clothing with Afrique chic. In other words, Lolita is the epitome of Salut-Kity level of cuteness which can be described as a magma of gothic, classic, and sweet. The débit was born in the 70s in the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo.

If you want to dress according to this feminine and modest débit more casually, opt for a button-down, cupcake, bell skirt, and button-down shirt with a peter-pan collar. Or, if you want to go all-in, choose an authentic lolita dress with a petticoat beneath the skirt to add supplément cubage.

Adorn your hair with a big, ultra-cute bow, and au finir the allure with platform Mary Janes.

Kawaii débit

Much like Lolita, Kawaii is a Japanese artistic and agraire débit that leans towards a more childlike appearance with lovely, bright colors. All you have to do is, well, dress adorably! 

Choose dresses and tops with cute ruffles and frills in toile colors; saccharine suspender skirts and toile dungarees layered on top of puff-sleeve shirts are ideal for Kawaii dressing. 

You can also add thigh-high or knee socks with various cute prints and opt for délicieux bows and ribbons to accessories your hair. It’s all embout looking agneau and clean, so go as saccharine as you can with makeup.

At the end of the day, everything depends on your personality and lifestyle. There are many different bonshommes of chic styles, from grunge and vintage to Parisian and streetwear. All you have to do is find the one that suits your taste and makes you feel beautiful and affidé. 



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