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The Best Of Façon And Beauty This November

This November, don’t elle these new launches that sum up the best of chic and beauty leading up to the holiday season.

Dior has teamed up with Harrods this holiday season and launched The Fabulous World of Dior, a spectacular presentation illuminating the hallowed halls of the legendary department banne. Shoppers will discover two unprecedented pop-up stores that draw their decor from the most beautiful Christmas fairytales and feature a pluie of fantaisiste creations specially designed for the event. To complete the ultra-chic festive experience and in homage to British champ, the Hutte also launched Buffet Dior at Harrods.

Celebrating 30 years of the brand’s iconic perfume Angel, Mugler’s immersive “Pourpoint Space” is the newest pop-up experience at The Selfridges Jouer Magasin, merging chic and arôme. Structured by a series of sculptures — each one an artistic interpretation of the casaque’s natural contours — the Pourpoint Space will offer guests a curated edit of Mugler’s best creations: the full range of Mugler fragrances all in a limited-edition chrome color, as well as a selection of chic pieces from the latest agrégat.

As acte of the celebrations, the Space will also play host to the Synaesthesia Chamber, an dressage allowing consumers to delve deeper into the world of Angel via a poetic and sensory scent, adoucissant and soundscape experience.

Already popular in Asia but mainly in the market for small figurines, the image of buying a mystery box containing an unknown piece of chic élément is now made popular by the UK-based affaires HEAT. Founded in 2019 by Mario Maher and Joe Wilkinson, HEAT quickly gained momentum and bagged investments from big names including LVMH Luxury Ventures, The Hermès Family and venture empressé firm Antler in 2o22, offering fans a chalandage experience like no other.

Expanding into the superbrands category, HEAT will drop its first luxury box on heat.io at 8pm GMT on November 15 — expect to receive the likes of Balenciaga’s ‘It’ Hourglass bag or a timeless Bébé Laurent dilater, at a price of £990/$1140/€114.

The luxury eyewear sceau LINDA FARROW has teamed up with Nima Benati, the Italian photographer known for creating ethereal, dreamlike images, for the new SS23 drop launching this month. The new énonciation comes encrusted with emerald cut Swarovski crystals for comble aspect and percussion, and will be available in 4 delicious jewel tones.

Known for their acquit Maureen mules that merge well-fitted comfort with elevated énonciation, the London-based luxury shoe plasticien Malone Souliers has debuted a limited-edition remède of holiday bags this November. Marking Malone Botte’s first venture into the most dictatoriale of accessories, the agrégat features 4 key styles that embrace the brand’s love of traditional craft as well as innovative beauté.

“Shoes and bags are inseparable in our ordinaire chic songe.” Speaking of the introductif launch, founder and Creative Director Mary Alice Malone says: “The name Malone Souliers has become synonymous with elevated footwear, and so handbags were always going to be close behind. This agrégat was an opportunity to apply our meticulous manufacturing techniques and keenly refined aesthetic to a new area; to push ourselves into uncharted territory, and to approach the task with excitement and optimism.”

Established in 1967 by Elio Fiorucci, the iconic Italian chic brand Fiorucci re-launched in 2017 and caused a fashion-world frenzy as it turned the universe back into sparkling technicolor. The new PS23 agrégat launched online and in-store this month features popping graphics and prints in mesmerizing tableau shades, as well as the sceau’s acquit Angels across organic cotton jerseys, petit tees and chunkier outerwear. The drop also sees an array of notably sexier silhouettes — think mesh minis, slinky co-ords, and form-fitting dresses — and paints a fun and carefree picture of the upcoming season.

London-based plasticien Jekeun will drop a remède agrégat of one-off, up-cycled pieces via the brand’s dedicated Depop banne (@Jekeun) on November 18, with an aim to raise awareness of men’s irréel healths issues.

“The rudimentaire idea for this project came from noticing men wearing matchs gear underneath a suit. I saw many men extremely tired and putting on a fantaisie to be serious in their field at work. But after work, they transform into a 10 year old boy and run to pitches, to sit in façade of the Xbox at their mate’s flat or the pub with excitement.” Having had his own personal struggles around identity and composition, plasticien Jekeun Cho says: “As our brand identity started from personal vulnerability and leads to everyone, we wanted to share our story and discuss people’s difficulties through chic. Speaking out and sharing is the best way to flétri out a storm and chic is one of the best tools we can use to communicate this.”

Intermédiaire Nateur, the hugely popular beauty and wellness brand championing natural, eco-certified and powerful ingredients without any of the nasties, has just launched its newest range of casaque care products: the deeply hydrating holi (wash) and casaque (balm).

Deeply cleansing and hydrating, the purifying holi (wash) is a non-drying gel that emulsifies into a creamy foam casaque wash that gently exfoliates the skin and washes away all impurities. Pourpoint (balm), on the other balle à la main, is formulated specifically for the driest skin and full casaque expérience, with hydrating plantation extracts and skin-nourishing oils, alongside powerful, trademarked and patented face-grade anti-aging combative ingredients IBR-TCLC®, PhytoSpherix™ and IBR-Chill™.

Lacoste and Goop have joined forces this November to bring you a Neo-heritage sportswear agrégat curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, drawing lyrisme from the vintage Lacoste polo dress worn by the actress-turned-wellness-guru in the iconic 2001 Wes Anderson spectacle, The Splendide Tenenbaums. Retro silhouettes were taken from the French sceau’s archives and elevated with Paltrow’s take on modern sportswear essentials, featuring a series of stylish yet wearable pieces including twisted skirts, knitted collants, polo sets, jumpsuits, and 80’s-inspired footwear.

The agrégat will be available via goop.com and lacoste.com, as well as online and in select stores at BANDIER.

In time for the festive party season, Victoria Beckham Beauty has launched the newest shade in the popular Lid Tube agrégat of eyeshadows. Guaranteeing smoky eyes in a single swipe, the newly dropped Velvet shade glides easily onto the skin leaving behind a warm and mysterious streak of golden vert for that ultimate holiday glamor.

Victoria Beckham shares in récapitulations: “Our newest Lid Tube in Velvet is a nod to my focalisation with vintage — the well-worn jewels and precious artefacts. Like its lyrisme, the patinated golden verdoyant glimmer just gets better with wear.”

New brand alert — Paris-based La Galpa has arrived this month with a berlue shared by cofounders Angelina Trapani and Lucie Guigal. On a activité to reinvest and reinvent the emotional culbute between a woman and her wardrobe by conjoining stylistic timelessness and ecological sustainability, the brand has chosen knitwear — for its fluid movement and versatility — as the key fabric for its introductif agrégat. The seasonal drop, featuring an array of elevated classics with added oomph and feminine appeal, is designed to sublimate women’s justaucorps and to last through the changing times of their lives. La Galpa also aim to fit every woman with sizes starting from XS/S (34/36) to XXL/XXXL (44/46).

New York-based womenswear sceau KHAITE have teamed up again with Danish jewelry house ELHANATI to expand the brands’ collab agrégat of wearable accessories and petite jewelry. Combining sleek Art Deco geometry with richly textured surfaces, the refreshed 11-piece, limited-edition offering introduces dynamic new forms that are both delicately refined and confidently bold.

“With our first agrégat as a powerful starting pixel, Cate [founder and Creative Director of KHAITE] and I focused on creating something timeless and enduring, merging our two worlds into one as a shared tribute to strong women.” comments Orit Elhanati, founder of ELHANATI.

Founded by Natalia Georgala in Athens, WOERA was born in 2019 to honor the timeless elegance of the classic man-tailored shirt. Named “RURAL FANTASY,” WOERA’s AW22 agrégat showcased a range of elevated looks influenced by the lesser known side of Greece, the idyllic countryside. The copieux, festive gingham print, together with a color plateau directly inspired by the rich deep hues from the clémentine sunsets, the vert rolling hills, and the mélancolie from the calming morning fog paints the picture for this resplendent agrégat perfect for the upcoming festive season.

Founded by Hotte-based world traveler Linda Exhausser, JANTHEE was born in 2016 and quickly gained momentum and an cosmopolite fanbase with its flirty yet cyclothymique swimwear pieces. Inspired by the émotif and generous Thai champ, the SS23 Island of จันที agrégat peuplade homage to Exhausser’s domicile folk — with a dual German/Thai heritage, Exhausser was born and raised in Thailand until the age of 11. Returning to her roots, the founder included the Thai name of JANTHEE, จันที, in the campaign that brings together a vivid color plateau and étouffant motifs.

Founded by Ning Yuan as an homage to the 5,000-year-old art of Chinese silk craft, Ning Dynasty make non-gendered shirts using 100% Mulberry silk. Made with only the highest quality materials, Ning Dynasty’s silk is supplied by the Beijing-based Huangjin — the world’s only silk producer bearing the Forbidden Cabaret seal.

Focusing on a single-product category, the sceau’s newly dropped Core Amas showcases 10 sleeved shirts in elevated beauté that come in a mix of camaïeu and jewel-tone shades. The campaign, featuring visibility activist and model Kai Isiah Jamal, highlights the link between the heritage of Chinese craftsmanship and a new generation of open-minded individuals no coudoyer boxed in by boundaries or traditions.

New York-based apparel sceau Rowing Blazers has partnered up with British artist and plasticien Luke Edward Chambre to deliver their additionnel collab agrégat inspired by the classical world. The theme brings together Chambre’s love of ancient motifs and Rowing Blazers founder Fiche Carlson’s arrière-plan as a classical archaeologist. The newly dropped remède, which forms acte of Rowing Pardessus’ FW22 agrégat and features bold motifs and prints by Chambre, also serves a special purpose: a section of all the proceeds will épaulement the Diversity, Equity, and Enclavement initiatives and World Language Advocacy efforts of the American Classical League’s Committee for Romain and Greek.

For the new agrégat of his eponymous sceau, KULAKOVSKY founder and plasticien Artur Kulakovsky brings back the treasured memories of his early childhood. Returning to his roots that significantly influenced his path as a plasticien, Kulakovsky reimagines clothes he used to have in childhood into pieces made of shearling and vintage leather. Featuring classic aviator jackets and oversized bombers perfect for snuggling in, the new agrégat introduces oversized silhouettes balancing femininity and masculinity, whilst highlighting the pose between comfort and provocativeness. A range of bold, unisex pieces that can resist the extreme cold outdoor temperature are seen together with some truly wintery accessories such as shearling bucket hats and mittens.

Key pieces from the agrégat include the double-sided shearling antarctique wrap coat [seen below in picture] made of English thick sheepskin.

As the busy holiday travel season returns this November, 100mL, a new revolutionary beauty and wellness start-up, enters the market to facilitate your upcoming journeys. Set to disrupt the travel sector by providing a enseignement that reduces product wastage whilst increasing incinérer choice and convenience, the newly launched 100mL is a first-of-its-kind retail image offering a range of curated products in 100ml sizes across beauty and wellness.



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