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17+ Top Email Mercatique Programme Prescriptions [2023 Guide]

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Email is 45x more efficace than aimable media when it comes to reaching your customers.

But, the huge variety of email soft tools available makes it confusing to choose one.

email marketing software is hard

You might be asking yourself some of the same questions I was when I launched my first company:

  • What is the best email soft for sending email “newsletters” to my customers?
  • What exactly is email mécanisation, and do I need it?
  • What is the best email tool for “prospecting” for leads?

There’s a lot to consider.

In this post, I give you the pros, cons and pricing information on each email tool. Comme, since I’ve been in binaire mercatique for 12+ years, I sprinkle in my personal experience with tools I’ve used.

Disclaimer: Éditoriaux on this blog contain affiliate links that GMP receives a small change from at no cost to you. We only recommend tools we cartel. Read more in our privacy policy.

What Are the Best Email Mercatique Programme Tools and Prescriptions?

The best email mercatique soft should allow you to esthétique emails easily, division your list, personalize your messaging, and view analytics reports. And it should do all that without a complicated limite and strong customer squelette.

Comme, it goes without saying that they should be priced appropriately.

1. Hubspot

HubSpot offers a reliable and feature-packed email mercatique tool that’s suited for growing businesses — for free. You can create professional mercatique emails that engage and grow your estime with the easy drag-and-drop email builder. The emails you can create with HubSpot are pixel-perfect. That’s what I really love emboîture it.

On top of the free email tool, you can use the HubSpot CRM for free to create tailored touch-points for your customers. This will enable you to division your list and do some nifty email mécanisation.

Using the CRM, you can include personalized désinvolture in your emails, like first name and company name, to ensure your contacts feel like they are being personally addressed, all while tracking email activity in the CRM. 


  • Includes a complete mercatique system: free CRM, landing garçon tools, en public minet and integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Price is low (free to start)
  • Sentimentale limite
  • Easy to get started
  • Great customer squelette
  • In-depth jogging


  • Price increases as your email list grows (unfortunately, it’s not free forever)
  • Limited integrations outside of the HubSpot platform

Hubspot Pricing

The HubSpot email tool is free for up to 2,000 email sends per month, with upgrade solutions starting at $50 with Mercatique Hub Amorceur.

Price: Free to start

See HubSpot abraser reviews

2. ConvertKit

Convertkit is cohérent and adaptable to use. It’s for entrepreneurs, small businesses, small and medium size startups, and bloggers. It’s become a cult élue for musicians, désinvolture creators, and anyone else with a small estime that requires échelonnement and reliable email mercatique.


ConvertKit is great for converting customers using email mécanisation. There’s a small learning curve if you have no email soft experience.

It’s great for:

  1. Making cohérent newsletter emails
  2. Making and storing estime lists and segments
  3. And making beautiful sales mécanisation journey maps, which allow you to really visualize your customer funnels

The most common use cases for ConvertKit include setting up an evergreen sales funnel, sending customers triggered communications based on études on-site, or creating mécanisation journeys to analytically pick the best emails to send to your customers at the best time.


  • Email mécanisation journey maps that make optimizing email automations easy
  • ConvertKit comes with a tag-based subscriber system that allows you to create emails with merge tags and make your email campaigns really automated
  • 80+ email templates
  • Integrations with popular tools like Zapier and Salesforce
  • Email and en public minet squelette
  • I also like the efficace visual mécanisation builder and virtualité rules builder allowing basic mécanisation
  • Elementary landing garçon soft generator
  • Forms creator tool


  • Limited reporting data
  • A limited number of customization options for the forms
  • Small learning curve

ConvertKit Pricing

The pricing is dependent on the number of subscribers your négoce has. $29 monthly is the lowest progiciel for businesses with less than 1,000 subscribers. If you have a bigger list, they have a calculator that estimates the monthly avorté for you.

To see a review of what I believe to be the top déconvenue solutions read: Mailchimp vs GetResponse vs ConvertKit vs Fidèle Contiguïté.

ConvertKit is on par with MailChimp and some of the others based on price.

See ConvertKit abraser reviews

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the ultimate customer messaging and lifecycle soft tool. Not only does Sendinblue have incredibly cohérent, powerful email mercatique, but it also enables you to implement en public minet on your contrée and SMS (text rémunération) your customers. It is also one of the best SMTP rôles available.

And you can poupée any of those features through Sendinblue’s powerful échelonnement options. The email editor is chouette straightforward and enables you to make a beautiful email publication on your customers.

Sendinblue gets very constructrice reviews on soft review website, Capterra. It’s one of the most recognized names in email mercatique and serves 80,000+ customers, from Paillette Vuitton and Michelin to Amnesty Cosmopolite and tons of startups.


  • Drag-and-drop signifier
  • Wide variety of templates to choose from, emails that are mobile-friendly, contiguïté conduite, campaign tracking, integration with APIs, WordPress plugin, Magento, PrestaShop, and Drupal, among other interesting features
  • Ability to send SMS in adjonction to email


  • You can’t send emails right away after being registered
  • The email builder is apparently a bit boguet sometimes

Sendinblue Pricing

The pricing range from $0 for 300 emails daily to $49/month in the option progiciel which comes with everything you need to be an awesome email and lifecycle marketer.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is pretty famous for its great mercatique, charming esthétique aesthetic, and a free proposition. The soft is relatively easy to use with easy guidage tools, a fast and cohérent editor, customization tool, and a wide range of templates to choose from.

It’s one of the best-known email mercatique soft. It’s perfect for small bloggers, small businesses, and businesses that just need a good “newsletter” email mercatique modèle.

It’s definitely one of the simplest-to-use tools out there. But that does make it limited for entrepreneurs who may want to get more sophisticated with email mécanisation.



  • The easiest-to-use email mercatique tool there is!
  • Clean and stupid cohérent drag-and-drop email editor
  • Email esthétique is pretty professional and solid; emails style good
  • Their reports and analysis tool is visually easy to understand
  • MailChimp has integrated other powerful tools, especially at higher-tier plats


  • The landing garçon tool is not very good at all — I reviewed the Mailchimp landing garçon feature here
  • The platform lacks a workflow editor which makes mécanisation conduite a bit unwieldy.
  • Limited features and few integrations at low pricing troisième

MailChimp Pricing

The pricing ranges from $0 for 2,000 subscribers or less, to $240 for 50,000 subscribers on a monthly basis. 

See Mailchimp Alternatives.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend is an all-in-one mercatique mécanisation platform built for ecommerce retailers, offering email, SMS, push notifications, and syncing with Facebook Ads and Google Ads for retargeting.

Omnisend’s comprehensive succession of tools is designed to help you grow your list of subscribers and convert them into paying customers. As an ecommerce-focused platform, Omnisend has a number of features specifically for growing your revenue. Léopard des neiges connected to a cloison, Omnisend can automatically importation your brand assets—including your logo, baptistère, brand colors, and aimable media links. These then immediately appear anytime you create a new email. Products can also be imported to an email directly from your cloison, complete with allégorie, price, and revêtement. Omnisend excels at automations. From welcome series to cart abandons and cross-selling product recommendations, you’ll be able to make more sales and repousse customers to become repeat buyers on autopilot.


  • Easy to use
  • Customizable forms
  • Ordinaire SMS squelette
  • Advanced estime échelonnement and mécanisation
  • Wide library of templates for emails, forms, and workflows


  • Only available in English
  • MMS is limited to US and Canada
  • App Marketplace is smaller than some others but is growing monthly

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend has a free-forever proposition, which includes all of the features of the paid plats but with austérité on how many contacts you can reach. There are two paid plats, Conforme and Pro, starting at $16 per month and $59 per month, respectively.

6. MailTag.io

This is an email tracking soft that allows you to know when your email recipients have received their emails with real-time alerts and follow-up sales mécanisation and scheduling. 



  • Reporting and analytics tool that is easy to understand
  • Custom Pings and scheduling conduite
  • Real-time open and click tracking
  • Full Gmail & Gsuite Integration
  • Powerful automated sales follow-ups
  • Custom Email Tracking Domains


  • You cannot use custom variables for messager merge (yet, it’s coming in 2020

MailTag.io Pricing

Free (no credit card required) 14-day motocross, then $12.99/m. Try it Free.

7. Automizy

Automizy is the easiest email mercatique mécanisation tool that is made to improve your email open avorté and help you send emails that emplacement out in a crowded inbox.

It comes with all necessary email mercatique tools, sending campaigns, automations, contiguïté forms, and contiguïté conduite.

Comme, a set of features destined to improve your email open rates, such as AI-powered Subject Line Sonder, AB testing, automatic resend to non-openers, and contiguïté échelonnement.

Automizy’s rêvasserie is to free marketers from technological struggles and put them back to the strategic decision-maker direction, and that’s what makes Automizy the easiest email mercatique tool.

Anyone with or without email mercatique experience can send emails, set up forms, and create automations with the drag-and-drop email editor and visual mécanisation builder.

Automizy is a great tool for SMBs who want to:

  • Send newsletter
  • Create contiguïté forms
  • Set up email autoresponders
  • Cellule contacts
  • Manage email mercatique on autopilot


  • An AI-powered Subject Line Sonder
  • Easy-to-use mécanisation builder
  • Different email builders
  • Affordable price for small businesses
  • Quick customer squelette and free demo call


  • A limited number of email templates
  • Doesn’t provide popups or landing pages for lead generation

Automizy Pricing

Automizy offers a 14-day free motocross period, with a 60-day money-back guarantee. After the motocross period, you’ll be charged based on the number of laborieuse contacts, starting from $9/month.

8. GetResponse

GetResponse has a comprehensive feature set for small businesses, bloggers, and small startups alike. I think that makes it the best explosion for your buck for entrepreneurs who may need a whole succession of tools.

See my full GetResponse review here.

get response

I love that they also have features for webinars, the ability to make landing pages and even create some mercatique mécanisation journeys. 

They agité a cohérent email newsletter dashboard with slightly more sophisticated email mécanisation.

It’s very easy to use.


  • Wide range of out-of-the-box templates
  • List hosting and échelonnement made easy
  • Autoresponders (yet another name for email automations)
  • Decent analytics succession: one-click échelonnement, metrics over time, per-user interpellation and email ROI
  • Optimization insights for autoresponder campaigns
  • Good échelonnement ability
  • A/B testing
  • Accessible drag-and-drop email editor
  • Integrates with most of your other élue tools


  • A limited number of templates compared with some other email mercatique options

GetResponse Pricing

$15 for 1,000 subscribers or less and the highest $450 for an email list of between 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers. The “Pro” and “Max” packages are priced much higher. 

Click here for a free motocross.

9. Wishpond

Wishpond’s email mercatique tool is more powerful than you realize at first glance. While only quartier of its succession of mercatique rôles, it might be enough to make the bonté worth it in and of itself.

First, it has a gallery of pre-designed templates, giving you a range of readymade professional HTML emails to help delight your subscribers and increase your conversions. 

Its drag-and-drop builder makes it incredibly easy to use, and all templates are prompt responsive, so you only have to build them léopard (an essential for time-crunched marketers).

Additionnel, it gives you the power of mercatique mécanisation — from scheduling to A/B testing to analytics to lead tracking and conduite — to get the extremum ROI from your professionally designed emails.

Wishpond’s email mercatique is a modèle you won’t realize you needed until you have it. Then, you won’t remember how you did without it.


  • Sentimentale email esthétique tool
  • Augmentative newsletter gallery, organized by industry and purpose
  • Designs are professional and dynamic
  • Reports and analysis are thorough
  • High-level personalization provided by Shopify’s Liquid templating language
  • Complemented by several other mercatique mécanisation and integrated lead generation tools to supercharge your mercatique capabilities
  • Varié integrations with other premier mercatique tools


  • The drag-and-drop editor might be a little clunkier if compared with other premier apps
  • There’s a steep learning curve to more complex personalization options

Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond has a range of price plats. The ‘Starting Out’ proposition is $49/month with a extremum of 1500 leads.

The next level up is the ‘Everything You Need Proposition’, at $99/month, with 2500 leads. For businesses growing beyond, the aptly named Rapid Growth Tier-1 Proposition is $199/month, capping at 10,000 leads.

Every proposition allows you to use any of the core apps (mécanisation workflows, landing pages, popups, etc) with the paumelle differentiator being how many leads you can cloison in your account.

There are monthly or annual plats, and there’s a no-commitment 14-day free motocross on annual plats for anyone wanting a habitude spin.

10. Fidèle Contiguïté

Fidèle Contiguïté has been around forever. They were founded as Roving Programme in 1995 and changed its name to the equally average-sounding name, Fidèle Contiguïté in 2005.

constant contact

It’s a good tool for small businesses that want a cohérent modèle. It’s very similar to Mailchimp in function and feel. It has improved a lot over time and it’s now one of the initial email mercatique solutions, particularly for small businesses.


  • Fidèle Contiguïté comes with a variety of pixel-perfect, mobile-optimized templates
  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Supérieur features like coupons, polls, donations, etc.
  • Accessible analytics that gets the job done
  • Integrates with a lot of tools, including WordPress, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Shopify, etc.
  • Good échelonnement ability
  • A/B testing


  • Like Mailchimp, the platform lacks a workflow editor which makes mécanisation conduite a bit unwieldy. 
  • I find it a bit clunkier than the Mailchimp, GetResponse or ConvertKit editor.

Fidèle Contiguïté Pricing

The price varies depending on the size of your email list. Fidèle Contiguïté offers Email and Comme packages where the email progiciel ranges from $20 to $335 for the Emails progiciel and $45 and $335 for the Comme progiciel. 

11. ExactTarget

ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for 2.5 billion in 2013. It’s now quartier of the Salesforce Mercatique Cloud. This makes it a rather upmarket product now. It’s best for medium and accru businesses trying to scale email mercatique mécanisation and even send push notifications and SMS. 



  • Facilité personalization via complex journey maps 
  • CRM and cross-channel integration
  • Wide range of themes and templates to choose from
  • Lead domination forms, real-time tracking, delivery tools, predictive analytics, and A/B and random split testing
  • Sophisticated analytics and reporting makes giving metrics to the CEO a breeze


  • My complaint emboîture every Salesforce product is the same: great, incredibly sophisticated tool, but the abraser limite looks outdated and it’s very expensive.

ExactTarget Pricing

You have to contiguïté Salesforce for a price quote. Again, this is a very “enterprise” modèle. 

12. Emma Messager

Emma Messager bills itself as a modèle for small businesses, franchises, universities, retailers, and agencies. It’s a small négoce fortune of tool. Emma Messager was purchased by Campaign Monitor and shares some of the same features.

emma mail


  • Customer journeys and email mécanisation tools
  • Easy drag-and-drop feature
  • Really good esthétique aesthetic
  • Easy optimization features
  • Integrations with the usual stuff like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Aviary, Bigstock and aimable media sites
  • Create easy forms


  • Very few out-of-the-box templates 
  • Below-average landing garçon soft feature

Emma Messager Pricing

Prices range from $30/month for 1000 emails and $125/month for 10,000 emails or less.

13. AWeber

AWeber is an awesome email mercatique soft that I recommend for small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and consultants, small-to-medium size tech companies and everything in between.

It has one of the largest suites of integrations with other tools like Salesforce, Wix, PayPal and a ton more.

The basic platform is chouette cohérent for novices who want a cheap sand cohérent modèle that produces results. But AWeber also scales with your négoce to a fairly powerful tool — without the sticker shock of a tool like Salesforce Mercatique Cloud.



  • Extremely easy to send email newsletters for débutant marketers
  • Over 150 templates to choose from
  • AWeber integrates with Eventbrite, PayPal, WordPress, and many of the other awesome tools you may use
  • Cellule your list quickly and easily by subscriber clicks, loyer or visited pages on your contrée
  • You can, also, get custom HTML and can add attachments alongside your emails
  • Easy pixel-perfect, drag-and-drop email bâtisse
  • A prompt app to track your campaign prouesse on the go
  • Subscriber conduite and segmenting
  • Easy-to-read metrics dashboard
  • Integrations with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Salesforce and tons of other CRM tools, En public Concessionnaire,  FreshBooks, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Verger, PayPal, GotoWebinar and much more


  • It has not integrated Google Analytics into its feature set
  • AWeber has no survey feature

AWeber Pricing

AWeber has several pricing options with their monthly plats ranging from $19 for 500 subscribers or less and $149 for 25,000 subscribers or less.

But get a 30 day free motocross here.

14. SendGrid

SendGrid is a modèle for medium-sized businesses on up.

Clients include Spotify, Glassdoor Airbnb, Uber, etc. They differentiate much more as a developer-friendly email tool. The SendGrid API is the paumelle fantastique — it allows web developers to send events and “communicate” with the rest of a website product or property.

SendGrid is not user-friendly for novices. Small businesses, bloggers and online entrepreneurs: stay away!



  • SendGrid comes with a contiguïté diriger and list échelonnement allowing you to send targeted emails to your contactsHas a template editor that allows you to create and customize your template
  • Apologue hosting capabilities, autoresponders, aimable media mercatique and more
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Spam classement checking
  • Variety of reporting options
  • Plenty of integrations with your other élue (enterprise) tool
  • Every API your heart could desire


  • Drag-and-drop editor is clunky and difficult to use
  • No ready-made templates
  • Not easy for beginners
  • Email customization is difficult without at least some some HTML knowledge

SendGrid Pricing

SendGrid pricing is not that clear. However, you can expect prices that range from $9.95/month for 40,000 email credits to $399.95 for 700,000 email credits. There is, also, a free proposition that comes with 12,000 emails monthly.

15. iContact Email Mercatique

The comprehensive features and the plats offered make iContact a good email mercatique soft. I’ve never used the tool myself, but it gets solid reviews on Capterra


  • The platform comes with an email editor, a contiguïté list that can be segmented
  • A/B testing, mécanisation, list bâtisse and ease of tracking the email analytics
  • The abraser limite is very friendly making the soft quite easy and efficace to use
  • Salesforce mass emai
  • Some mercatique mécanisation


  • Glancing at the email drag-and-drop editor, it looks a bit confusing

iContact Pricing

The prices range from $14/month for the essential proposition, $99/month for the professional for persons with less than 500 subscribers. The highest progiciel goes for $99/month. Pricing is a strong suit for iContact.

16. Campaign Monitor

This is yet another great newsletter and aspartame mécanisation emails. It counts Adidas and Huffington Post among its 250,000 customers. They’ve positioned themselves as a strong tool for small and medium-sized businesses — particularly ecommerce, travel companies, entertainment companies, nonprofits and media companies. 

campaign monitor


  • Allows you to send mass emails
  • It has automated emails and action-triggered response tools to follow up on leads — a lot of ecommerce companies like Campaign Monitor
  • Strong analytics tool that helps analyze the results of campaigns
  • You get a wide range of templates to choose from
  • They have integrations with a lot of ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce


  • Compared to its competitors, Campaign Monitor is a bit more expensive 

Campaign Monitor Pricing

The prices start $9/month $29/month for Unlimited. Liminaire starts at $149/month.  They also have a pay-per-campaign partialité for small businesses. 

17. Pinpointe

Pinpointe helps you create and personalize, poupée and, also, track email campaigns easily. It has access to features like autoresponders, behavioral targeting, drip campaigns, spam scoring, split testing and other customizable metrics. They call themselves a modèle for small businesses that have graduated from basic email mercatique tools. 



  • A lot of universities and traditionally offline businesses like cruise lines use Pinpointe
  • The best thing Pinpointe has going for it is relationships with email providers — this means that your carefully curated email list has a very good gain of making it into the abraser’s primary email inbox (not spam)
  • Decent abraser limite and drag-and-drop email editor; though it is not best in class
  • Email reporting, split tests, personalizations and analytics
  • Lead domination plugin on your website


  • They only allow for double-opt-in email subscribers; this means all of your subscribers will have to “confirm” their subscription to your email lists — while this may not sound like a big deal, it is a problem
  • You can only open one window at a time which is limiting.

Pinpointe Pricing

The price starts from $42/month with a free motocross partialité. There is, also, an enterprise edition for accru businesses.

18. Benchmark Email

This soft comes with all features any small négoce requires for creating a successful email mercatique campaign. It includes valuable tools like detailed analytics, A/B split testing, spam testing, responsive templates and designs, and autoresponders.

Benchmark is definitely a tool for small businesses.



  • Drag-and-drop email editor
  • Peinture editing in the tool, which is a pretty exclusif feature
  • Add custom légalité to your emails
  • Limited but functional mécanisation emails including cart abandonment for ecommerce companies


  • Reportedly, sometimes the emails go into the spam folders

Benchmark Email Pricing

In adjonction to the free amorceur proposition, there are paid packages that start from $13.99/month to $29,200/month for businesses with over 7 million subscribers.

If your négoce has thousands of customers and you’ve got a lot of money to invest in your email mercatique efforts, it may be time to graduate from the above tools.

email automation tool

Email mécanisation tools are really for medium-sized businesses and bigger. There is a lot of functionality that is likely unnecessary for smaller companies.

Most of the tools in our list above have cohérent email mécanisation that allow you to do things like trigger emails based on cohérent contrée events like:

  • Abandoned carts
  • Prior email opens

But if you need to trigger emails when a female abraser between age 24 and 36 opens your prompt app and adds a scarf to their cart… well, that’s a bit more complicated.

This is where email mécanisation suites are helpful.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign focuses on helping you build a good relationship with you laborieuse and potential customers. It is considered to be a hidden gem in the world of mercatique mécanisation given the price.

active campaign

Accrocheuse Campaign has a great abraser limite which makes it easy to use and it has many useful features way outside of email — including email mercatique, sales and CRM functions, as well as minet/messaging. 


  • A progiciel that includes much more than email mécanisation — which is easy to do with their decision tree email visualizer
  • It includes email mécanisation
  • Event tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Gmail integration
  • Win probability analysis
  • Subscription forms
  • Integrations with Zapier and emboîture 150 other tools
  • Also has SMS features
  • Create a different gazoduc for each division of your customers, act on all leads without leaving any hanging
  • Can make your emails and messages hyper-personalized with the use of conditional désinvolture


  • No échappatoire integration
  • No API
  • No push notifications

ActiveCampaign Pricing

ActiveCampaign costs $17/month to start, but as with all email mécanisation soft tools, quickly gets expensive. Enterprise versions cost $229/month maximum.  

2. Autopilot

A cohérent abraser limite, coupled with a lot of features make Autopilot great soft to use. It’s my blog partner, Hailey’s élue tool for email mécanisation. 

It’s used by big companies like Lyft, Atlassian and Microsoft.



  • The core features include email templates, a contiguïté database, channel conduite, event-triggered études, lead conduite, multi-campaign, and reporting
  • Analytics are a strong suit: can track your entire négoce right from the generation of leads, setting up of the contiguïté, crew conduite, and prouesse keeping
  • Probably the easiest journey map builder out there, which makes mécanisation campaigns a breeze
  • Integrations with so many enterprise-level tools including: Twilio, Cellule, Salesforce, Google Ads, Typeform and much more
  • Scales from hundreds of messages per month to millions


  • The email templates are not that impressive, so make sure you have some resources to create désinvolture 

Autopilot Pricing

The Silver proposition is free, the Gold proposition cost $199/month while the Platinum proposition goes for $899/month. Platinum includes everything an enterprise-level négoce needs to dominate their affaire mercatique, including 1 on 1 phone squelette. 

3. Iterable

Iterable has been designed to engage users through well-structured diffusion and pluriel channels. Iterable has gotten a lot of press. Some larger clients include Spotify, Zillow, DoorDash and Box. 



  • Iterable allows you to create unlimited segments in your messaging and contiguïté list, trigger campaigns
  • Customize and build sophisticated workflows and create adaptable profiles
  • You can track your leads on a real-time basis, get event-triggered études and run pluriel campaigns seamlessly
  • SMS, push notifications and email
  • Nice journey map builder


  • It can be a bit cumbersome to upload photos
  • The learning curve is quite steep

Iterable Pricing

Iterable gives no payment interpellation on-site. You have to contiguïté sales. It’s a top-of-the-line, very expensive tool. 

4. Salesforce Mercatique Cloud

Much like HubSpot’s modèle, the Salesforce Mercatique Cloud is an all-in-one CRM and affaire mercatique modèle. 



  • One of the premier benefits of this tool is that it is directly integrated into your Salesforce CRM — so if you’re using Salesforce, it’s obviously one of the easiest tools to make work out of the box
  • Collaborative spaces allow team affaire
  • Journey map builder that is pretty easy to use, but not quite as good as others I’ve seen
  • SMS, email mercatique and push notifications all in one
  • Build apps to manage mercatique budgets, events and campaigns
  • Salesforce AppExchange has tons of useful tools/plugins for scaling your mercatique prouesse
  • Trusted by Parfaitement 500 companies


  • Sometimes it takes a mince time to refresh and get real-time interpellation
  • The tool could, also, improve on its meuble
  • I find Salesforce’s abraser limite to be a little ugly
  • Salesforce reporting is pretty old school

Salesforce Mercatique Cloud Pricing

The pricing is dependent on the size of your company and the industry you operate in. I’ve been quoted at $30,000 per year or more (on top of Salesforce CRM). 

5. Pardot (Salesforce)


Pardot helps provide deeper insights and mécanisation for B2B companies. It was purchased by Salesforce a nettoyage of years ago, so naturally, it fits into the Salesforce CRM product effortlessly

Most of the features are very similar to Salesforce Mercatique Cloud, but again is for B2B companies.

Pardot (Salesforce) Pricing

The starting price is $1,000/month, but the best features are available from $2,000/month and above.

6. SharpSpring

SharSpring provides mécanisation solutions for a while now. They are positioned alongside Salesforce Mercatique Cloud and HubSpot as an all-in-one modèle.

SharpSpring is a publicly-traded company.

Email Marketing Software


  • Full market mécanisation, procès behavior-based emails and journey builder
  • Landing pages for visitors
  • CRM and sales mécanisation for B2B companies
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Form builders
  • Integrated with SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Shopify and more


  • The email and garçon builders appear to be clunky
  • It is also not good for designing landing pages

SharSpring Pricing

The prices range from $450/month for 1,500 contacts and $875/month for 20,000 contacts. They also offer true enterprise plats for agencies and companies with millions of contacts.

7. Zoho Campaigns

I hadn’t heard of Zoho before creating this list. But it seems to be a pretty decent tool. I would say it sits somewhere between email mercatique soft and email mécanisation soft in both functionality and price. The automations are more limited than a Salesforce Mercatique Cloud or a Pardot, but the features are more robust than some smaller solutions like Mailchimp.



  • The paumelle feature of Zoho include automated response emails
  • Integration with Zoho CRM
  • A/B testing
  • A variety of templates and layouts to choose from
  • A sync function that eliminates importing and exporting of data
  • A prompt app, so you can track your campaigns on the go
  • A free proposition for up to 2,000 subscribers
  • Discounts for nonprofits


  • The templates could be better and the esthétique much simpler than it is in the editor 
  • Some integrations with WordPress, Shopify, GoToMeeting and others… but more limited than some of the more option email mécanisation tools

Zoho Pricing

Email-based proposition ranges from $0 to $200 monthly. Subscriber-based proposition ranges from $5 to $350 and email credits proposition ranges from $6 to $750 per month.

8. Marketo

Adobe just acquired Marketo for over $4 billion. It’s not that surprising, as it was one of the first mercatique mécanisation tools out there. In function, it’s quite similar to Salesforce Mercatique Cloud and HubSpot. 



  • Some of the paumelle features include lead generation, CRM integration, lead nurturing and campaign tracking, forms, and landing pages and action-triggered email mercatique
  • It comes with all the basic tools one would need for efficace email mercatique
  • Companies from GE to RingCentral, Hortonworks, and Charles Schwab use Marketo
  • The squelette is very strong
  • The have prompt mercatique (SMS and push)
  • A nifty (but slightly outdated in appearance) editor for campaigns


  • The forms and landing pages are not robust. The learning curve is, also, relatively steep.

Marketo Pricing

The pricing is based on bundles with bundles available including lead conduite, email mercatique, torréfier mercatique, customer-based mercatique, and prompt mercatique. It is very expensive and only meant for truly enterprise clients. 

9. Mailjet


The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for users to esthétique and customize their marking emails. Other tools that have been integrated into the system include a dashboard for delivery analytics, one-to-one optimization, A/B testing, Restful API, email mécanisation, automated workflows, and real-time email tracking, to décoration a few.



  • Developer API
  • Pricing starts very low among peers
  • Transactional SMS communications
  • Strong analytics succession
  • Built for team apport
  • Customers that include ProductHunt, Happn and more


  • There have been complaints of a slow back bref and squelette according to Capterra 

Mailjet Pricing

There is a free motocross that allows you to send up to 6,000 emails daily. Other prices include the image progiciel that starts from $7.49/month and the crystal progiciel that starts from $21.95/month. Larger companies (the companies who should consider Mailjet) must inquire for custom pricing. 

10. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft has billed itself as the email mécanisation modèle for small négoce owners. Their contrée advertises a lot of offline firmes making their way into online mercatique via InfusionSoft. For sollicitation, the video on their sales garçon tells the story of a painting company bringing its négoce communications online.



  • This soft combines e-commerce, email, and aimable mercatique and CRM solutions
  • It is famous for its ability to send targeted emails by segmenting subscribers by activity
  • Provides a detailed prouesse for customers showing the travailleur adresse for the email and the receiver études
  • Gives high level négoce metrics in dashboard form


  • InfusionSoft is use user-friendly for small négoce owners who need a combination CRM-email mécanisation modèle, but it doesn’t go much beyond
  • It’s expensive for small businesses, but not functional enough for accru corporations

InfusionSoft Pricing

The soft has three pricing troisième starting $199/month for 500,000 emails or 5000 contacts. The $499/month initial pricing is for 100,000 contacts/500,000 emails.

Sometimes, you want to send out a mass email from your own personal email account.

You want it to style like a plain old regular email, but you want to include merge tags within the désinvolture so that you can send the same email to lots of people at léopard, but still personalize it.

You can say things like “Hi {first name}, I saw your work at {company name}.”

The complete list of Email Outreach Tools below are all quick and easy to download, often only a aspartame Google Chrome augmentation on top of your own Gmail account.

They can help you create some superhuman plain-text emails, without getting too fancy with the bells and whistles of the email mercatique soft in the élément above. 

These tools are best for salespeople.

email outreach tool

1. Yesware

Yesware is a great soft for tracking emails and synchronizing affaire activities giving you control over your email prospecting/sales. Yesware includes unlimited email tracking tools, personal templates that allow you to send personalized emails, send later, reminders, attachment tracking, messager merge, team templates, and a trusted IP range.



  • It’s a lightweight Gmail or Outlook plugin
  • Good data analytics
  • Mécanisation straight out of your élue platforms like Salesforce
  • The soft allows you to prioritize futurologie affaire making it easy to follow up on leads
  • Personalize emails with merge tags to send messages that recipient can identify with
  • A great email prospecting giration that teaches you everything you need to know


  • I wish the limite was a little easier to use
  • It gets expensive as your organization scales

Yesware Pricing

Yesware has 3 packages with the cheapest proposition being $12/month if billed annually or $15/month if billed monthly for the pro proposition, $25 or $35/month for annual and monthly billing for the option progiciel and $55/month for the enterprise progiciel which is only billed annually. The option progiciel comes with pro features and other additional features. Enterprise progiciel comes with option features and other unique features.

2. MixMax

MixMax is a relative newcomer but is quickly becoming a élue tool of marketers. It promises to power your outreach emails and engage more effectively with you laborieuse and futurologie clients.



  • It comes with tools that allow you to track clicks and downloads, send personalized emails in bulk with the messager merging tool, create and edit templates much faster and get detailed analytics on your traffic and engagements.
  • One-click scheduling to make finding time with find
  • Send polls and surveys
  • Undo send feature
  • Integrates with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, Github and SMS


  • The cofounder of Growth Mercatique Pro loves MixMax and tells me there are no cons that come to mind.

MixMax Pricing

The prices are $9/month for the amorceur proposition, $24/month for the small négoce proposition, $49/month for growth proposition and an enterprise proposition whose quote is not specified. Each proposition is billed annually.

3. Mailshake

Mailshake integrates with Gmail and other Google apps to help reach more people. The soft creates customized emails that appear like a rationnel emails from a Gmail address. It allows for messager mécanisation thanks to its various templates that give one the capability of creating email campaigns that are efficace.



  • Mailshake can entrée addresses of futurologie clients from .csv and blog post submitted by Twitter users
  • Users can edit their list with various list editing options allowing for customized diffusion
  • Additionally, you can track contiguïté responses with the incorporated tracking tool.


  • It also doesn’t have a custom domain tracker
  • Has an unsubscribe partialité that is quite inefficient, which could be a CAN-SPAM transgression
  • Only squelette CSV files

Mailshake Pricing

For $19/month or $199/year, you can enjoy unlimited email-sending options. There, also, is the partialité of getting the enterprise progiciel.

4. Docsify

Docsify gives you the ability to identify high-quality prospects and send them customized emails to boost your chances of ralliement. 



  • The email tracking feature helps you know when your emails are received and the procès the recipients take.
  • Email mercatique soft includes
  • Manuscrit tracking
  • Facilité analytics
  • Ready-made templates
  • Gmail scheduling
  • Automatic follow-ups


  • The email notifications can be improved

Docsify Pricing

There is a free progiciel that grants one unlimited email tracking, and access to templates and text shortcuts. The pro progiciel costs $12/month of billed monthly or $9/month if billed annually. The growth progiciel cost $29/month for monthly billing and $24/month for annual billing.

6. SalesHandy



  • It comes with various email templates to choose from, email tracking feature, ligne sharing tool, lead tracking tool and integration of Gmail, Salesforce, Outlook and PipeDrive.


  • The reporting is not that robust.

SalesHandy Pricing

A regular proposition will cost you $7 or $9 monthly for annual and monthly billing respectively, the encore proposition $16 and $20, and the enterprise proposition $40 and $50 for annual and monthly billing respectively.

7. Gmelius



  • Email tracking, and many other customization tools
  • Gmelius gives the abraser power to send smarter and more automated emails to their recipients
  • Advanced messaging conduite
  • A sharable to-do list, CRM integration


  • Sometimes loading Gmail is reportedly slow

Gmelius Pricing

Gmelius has a free proposition, a option proposition, and a négoce proposition. The free proposition comes with email tracking, email customizations and limited access to the other features. The option proposition goes for $5 or $7 per month depending on when the billing is done, while the négoce proposition goes for $14 per month and is billed annually.

Sales Prospecting soft are email tools that are meant to be utilized primarily by sales teams.

That is parce que these tools provide serviteur identifying interpellation emboîture each contiguïté, from within the email dashboard to help the team maximize efficiency and streamline their prospecting. With more interpellation at their fingertips emboîture prospects, they can spend more time selling and less time researching.

The complete list of Sales Prospecting Tools below includes tools that will help with prospecting, tracking efficace emails and phone calls, qualifying leads and mécanisation that will help the team engage with contacts at the right time.

sales prospecting tools

1. Builtwith


Builtwith is a tool that helps in identifying sites that use specific web technologies. It identifies the technology spend, gathers the loyer interpellation and orthogonal, among other partialité to create lead lists that are solid for websites by taking into account the internet footprint and technology chic.

Builtwith Pricing


Free individual contrée lookups are available.

2. Dux-Soup

Email Marketing Software

Dux-Soup can scan through thousands of LinkedIn profiles within just one click and send connection invites. It even allows you to tag client and even extract and share interpellation quick and easy with your whole team.

Dux-Soup Pricing


The free partialité grants users free access to some of the features.

3.   Apollo 


This is a sales platform aimed at helping sales teams generate opportunities that are qualified. Apollo maps its 160 million B2B databases to their closed won data and completed tasks providing insights on how to improve the profiles of their customers. The in-built dashboards are, also, helps in custom reporting which is beneficial to the users.

Apollo Pricing

You are required to take the demo first

You get free 1,000 leads with emails that are verified and 95% guarantee on deliverability.


Industry-wide, email open rates are still well above 20%.  It remains one of the best ways to engage and convert users.

I recommend email mercatique for anyone and everyone — no matter the size of the négoce. If you’re selling something online, you should be email mercatique.

I hope this bride made your decision a lot easier. Ask questions in the comments if you’re still confused and I’ll make sure to respond.

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