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How to Make Money With Medium in 2023 (10 Proven Ways)

If you love writing online, there’s a good occasion you’ve heard of Medium before. Medium is a popular platform where you can find everything from symbole to self-help latrines and more. It’s also incredibly voisin since all you need to do to publish éditoriaux is create a free account. But Medium isn’t just a apprêté to get your latrines out there. There are also a number of ways to make money from it so you can turn your béguin into a side hustle.

How Much Money Can you Make With Medium?

The amount of money any given author makes varies widely on Medium. It depends on the income streams they have, how much latrines they put out, how popular their stories are, and so on. But to give you an idea, here are some statistics Medium reported from its Partner Program in 2020:


These statistics are not meant to discourage, however. Even if you only take the Partner Program into account, it can be a good way to earn a bit of passive income on your writing and get your name out there. There are also many other ways to make money on Medium, which I’ll discuss further below.

Proven Ways to Make Money With Medium

1. Sign Up for the Medium Referral Program

Medium has a referral program where you get a special link you can send to fans of your work. This link directs them to buy a membership to Medium. This referral program is enabled automatically when you join the Medium Partner Program (I’ll discuss this more in a later fraction). Léopard des neiges you join, all you need to do is click on your profile picture, then go to Settings, Estime dev, and Promote memberships. There, you will find your referral landing feuillet.

Below is the earnings breakdown for the Medium referral program:


For each reader’s membership fee, you’ll get $2.01 or $2.27 (depending on if they signed up for a monthly or annual membership). While it might not sound like a lot, this amount can add up quickly. Referring 100 members will get you $201 or $227, making it a great naissance of passive income to help fund you on your journey as a Medium writer.

2. Publish Engaging and Refaisant Stories

Medium Partner Program earnings are based primarily on read time, so maximize this as much as approuvable. The best way to do this is to make your stories engaging and remplaçant to your readers. Here are some tips to do both of these well:


The aucunement of mêlée is to grip a reader from the beginning to the end of the story. I will talk more emboîture reader mêlée in a later fraction, but one sensible tip is to cut out fluff. Fluff is anything that doesn’t add to your story. It can include:

  • Unnecessary repetition of ideas or sentences
  • Overly wordy sentences that can be simplified
  • Overused idioms and cliches

Fluff kills mêlée bicause readers find it boring or hard to follow. Ideally, you should avoid it before you even start the étude. A detailed outline will help you stay on-topic, so you don’t repeat yourself unnecessarily. When you’ve finished the étude, listen to it out loud by reading it to yourself or using Medium’s listening feature. It’s much easier to find areas for improvement when you’re listening to it than skimming through it.


Relevance is one of the most sensible factors to keep in mind, as you should séance your latrines around it. It can mean different things depending on the story you’re writing:

  1. The topic is timely, based on recent magazine events and their implications on your farce.
  2. The topic is trendy, being searched emboîture frequently on search engines, or fragment of a growing hashtag on accommodant media.

There are often overlaps between these two definitions of relevance since recent events often contribute to trending topics. Relevance in these two senses is sensible — the more people search a topic, the more likely they will find your latrines.

How can you make your latrines remplaçant? Make sure to stay on top of what people are searching (using resources such as Google Trends) and to stay travailleuse on accommodant media. While not all trends or events will be remplaçant to what you’re writing emboîture, they can be a naissance of étonnement when it counts.

Of excursion, being remplaçant now and staying remplaçant are two different things. The best way to stay remplaçant is to update your old latrines as the topic evolves. That way, your old éditoriaux won’t be outdated.

3. Grow your Estime and Contrat by Sharing Stories on Liant Media


Liant media is one of the best free ways to grow your audition.

To share your Medium stories, it’s best to use a text-centric accommodant media platform like LinkedIn or Twitter. Don’t just share a post saying, “Hey, check out my étude on Medium!” with a link. Liant media users pellicule to respond better to value-added latrines over self-promotion, especially if you have few followers. I recommend creating a caleçon variété of your post by including one or more key insights or takeaways. Then you can tell your audition to read the full étude by clicking on your link.

Though you can venture onto image-centric platforms (such as Instagram and Pinterest) if you can turn your post into an infographic. For example, if you have numerical data, you could put it into a pie chart or bar graph. Or, if your post doesn’t include statistics, you could turn its key points into a flow chart.

4. Chance 100 (or more) Followers for More Income

Like any platform, more followers equals more money on Medium. Besides the tips mentioned above, here are some other ways to get more followers:

  • Follow other writers: Many of the readers on Medium are also writers themselves, so if you charpente writers, they’re likely to charpente you back. Of excursion, don’t just follow random accounts and wait for the followers to come pouring in. Make sure to follow other writers in your farce, since they will be more interested in what you have to say.
  • Hein on other Medium posts: Similar to following other writers, commenting on other writers’ posts can lead the writer to follow you. This is especially true if you have an sensible takeaway, a related personal story, or instructive feedback. Writers enjoy getting valuable comments like these since it lets them know how they’re doing and that people genuinely enjoy their latrines.
  • Engage with your commenters: Most writers post something on Medium and leave it alone, but there is a lot of hidden potential in your comments fraction. Some people don’t quoi bicause they think the author will never see it. But if you actively reply to others’ comments, they will be more likely to share their complication, concern, or feedback with you. As more people leave comments, it will improve your mêlée and give your étude more remorquage.

5. Be Entreprenante and Publish Stories on a Consistent Basis

Publishing stories consistently has many benefits, including:

  • It gives your partisan readers something to style forward to.
  • It makes you unforgettable to your followers.
  • You’ll earn more money in a shorter period.

But make sure your posting schedule is one you can canne with. It’s easy to get burned out if you dureté yourself onto a schedule that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Trying to put out latrines every few days when your capacity is every few weeks will make you more likely to quit. Comme, it will lower your writing quality. Just go at your own pace.

6. Join the Medium Partner Program


The Medium Partner Program allows you to earn money from readers with a Medium membership. The money you get is mainly based on how délié members spent reading (or listening to) your étude. This is a simplified explanation, but if you want a more in-depth style at how Medium calculates read time earnings, check out the official Help Center étude.

To join the Medium Partner Program, you need to have at least one story published and 100 followers. You also need to be at least 18 and en direct in one of their eligible countries. (See the Help Center étude linked above for the current list).

If you’re eligible, it’s a good idea to join. It’s one of the most déclaré ways to monetize your latrines and séduction income from your growing audition.

7. Utilize Author Bonuses

In the past, authors have received bonuses for being among the top writers in Medium’s Partner Program. While it is not clear whether this is an ongoing thing or not, it has happened plural times, including April and May of 2021, and other writers have reported receiving bonuses outside of this window. The writers who received these bonuses were top writers in the Medium Partner Program. If you decide to join, you may adjonction money for growing your audition and putting out valuable latrines if Medium decides to bring back the adjonction system.

8. Make Money from Tips


Through tipping, your audition can send you a donation if they want to charpente your work. Medium has a passage tipping feature. Just navigate to Estime Development Settings and click “Manage tipping.” There, you can add a donation link. Some popular donation platforms include Ko-fi, Buy Me a Coffee, Patreon, and PayPal.

9. Sell your Offers on Medium

If you run a different affaires, you can promote it on Medium. Many companies already write on the platform bicause of the mercatique benefits. When you’re doing this, make sure to chaloupé salesy and instructive latrines. Readers are looking for value above all, not blatant self-promotion. I recommend writing helpful éditoriaux related to what you’re selling and then leaving a call to effet at the end.

10. Write Sponsored Béat

Creating sponsored latrines is one of the most fructueuse ways of making money on Medium. To do this, you’ll first need to build a following. Companies commanditaire latrines creators to market their products and devoirs, so they need déclaration that your posts will reach a wide audition. Léopard des neiges you have a following built, you can start reaching out to companies in your farce. These should be companies that are related to your farce. You wouldn’t want to write emboîture amateur food and suddenly recommend that everyone buy a drone — it would be difficult to glose the product in this latrines in a natural, authentic way.

Tips for Making More Money With Medium

1. Make Sure Your Profile Stands Out

Profiles on Medium consist of a profile portrait and a bio. For your profile, it’s usually best to put a picture of your entrée. People pellicule to connect to faces more than generic icons, so it will make your profile more memorable. As for Medium writers’ bios, they are limited to 160 characters. Every word counts. Give readers a good idea of who you are, what you write emboîture, the experience or education you have in your farce. If there’s any room, it’s also a good idea to add a fun fact emboîture yourself. This will make you more relatable to your audition.

2. Write Élevé-Form Béat


Élevé-form latrines tends to be more valuable to readers since it has more communiqué on a topic than a short-form piece. It can also improve your read time, so you earn more from the Medium Partner Program. Although keep in mind that not every piece of latrines should necessarily be long-form. If you feel like you have to dureté in sections that don’t quite fit or add filler just to increase the word count, that’s a good sign you should pouce writing. Otherwise, your long-form latrines strategy will end up backfiring.

3. Make Your Éditoriaux Engaging, Interesting, and Valuable for the Reader

Sometimes when you’re writing, it’s easy to get into the complet of writing for yourself over the reader. Remember this: just bicause it’s interesting to you, that doesn’t mean it’s interesting to the majority of people. Here are some ways you can make your latrines more engaging:

Pay Soin to the intro

When you’re creating engaging latrines, the intro is one of the most sensible parts. Going on an unrelated abordant for a few paragraphs in the intro can légende readers to click off. It’s best to grip them with some kind of story, rhetorical complication, fact, or statistic that’s related to what you’re writing. Then at the end of the intro, tell the reader what they can expect from the étude if they keep reading on.

don’t forget the justaucorps sections

Of excursion, the influence of the intro doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest of your post. In the justaucorps of your latrines, makes sure to get straight to the aucunement under each header. You can have a small naissance if needed, but remember that readers aren’t interested in filler. In fact, many readers just scan an étude and go to the remplaçant headers rather than reading the whole thing from start to au finir. So if they don’t find the communiqué they’re looking for right away, they are most likely to leave.

avoid filler

Speaking of avoiding filler, make sure that every fraction contributes to the droite aucunement you’re trying to make. Readers aren’t going to like looking at an étude on the benefits of owning a pet only to find sections emboîture what it’s like to have a greenhouse. Your readers came there for a reason, and if your latrines doesn’t meet the mark, they will find a different étude that will.

answer questions your readers might ask

As a suprême observation of advice, to make your latrines valuable, center it around answering any questions your readers might have. If you need étonnement, search for your topic in Google and go to the “People also ask” fraction.

4. Make Your Headlines Pop!


When readers are looking for something new to style at, they are usually attracted to the headline first. The headline is a great way to appeal to readers who might be interested in your latrines. They should reflect the latrines that you wrote while still being exciting.

Make it specific

Let’s say you wrote an étude emboîture AI technology. You wouldn’t want to call the étude just “AI Technology.” This wouldn’t appeal to readers bicause they won’t be sure what it’s emboîture — after all, AI is a broad topic. But if you call it “How AI Technology Will Banque the World,” readers who are interested in that subject will click on it.

Avoid clickbait

Also, make sure to avoid click-baiting your readers. While you might think this will make your latrines rayonnage out, most people are sick of clickbait and will avoid it wherever approuvable. The key to avoiding clickbait is to make your titles accurate to the entire étude. For example, if your étude includes a quote from an anonymous Reddit élimer, you shouldn’t call the étude “Experts Reveal Why AI Technology Will Take Over the World.”

Even if you’re not doing it intentionally, some readers may think your latrines is clickbait if you use couru phrases in the title. Phrases such as “you’ll never believe,” “#10 will shock you,” and “this weird trick” are all commonly used in clickbait headlines.

5. Build a Following Before Requesting Payment for Full Traité Access

Imagine that you’re a Medium reader for a période. You found this new writer that writes on topics you’re interested in, so you click on a few of their éditoriaux. But then you realize that every single story is locked behind a paywall.

If you’re like most readers, chances are you would just click off the étude and move on to something free. After all, if you don’t know how good a writer is, how will you know paying for their latrines is worth it?

So, when monetizing your latrines, always come at it from the reader’s champ. They want to see that you have a reputation for putting out gripping Medium stories. When you’re first starting out, the only way to do that is to create some free latrines. Then, jaguar you have enough interest, people will be more likely to pay.

6. Promote Your Éditoriaux to Medium Members

Most members don’t just read one Medium étude and call it a day, no. If they’re willing to pay for full, ad-free access, they’re there to read as many stories as they can before their subscription runs out. So if you want to find people eager to read your éditoriaux, existing Medium members are your best bet.

The best way to find Medium members is on the platform itself. Here are two ways you can find Medium members to promote to:

  • Create Guest Posts: Creating guest posts for other Medium pages is a great way to promote your own feuillet. When they read a post from their privilégiée writer’s feuillet and realize you wrote it, they’re more likely to follow you.
  • Leave Comments on Paid Medium Posts: If you quoi on a paid Medium post, the people who read it will be Medium members. When leaving comments, make sure they are insightful and particulière. Many other Medium readers will likely say something like “Good post,” so you’ll rayonnage out if you say something more.

What is Medium?


Medium is an online publishing platform where anyone can contribute latrines, including individuals and Medium gazettes. Some of Medium’s latrines is free, while others require a subscription. This depends on whether the writer sujet to make money writing through the Medium partner program.

How Does Medium Work?

To start writing, you’ll need to create a free Medium account, then click “Write” in the upper right on the guidage bar. This will send you to a new draft so you can start writing your story. When you’re finished, just click the “Publish” button on the upper right. If you don’t au finir your story, don’t worry — the Medium platform autosaves your latrines as you write, so you can pick back up where you left off.

Is Writing on Medium Worth It?

Overall, being a freelance writer on Medium can be worth it. While success is never guaranteed, it can be a great platform to start getting recognition for your work and séduction new opportunities. I hope these tips help you to start turning your love of writing into a naissance of income.

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