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How to cover up a formal outfit – formal dress cover up

You’ve got your dress picked out, your shoes and your jewelry. But how emboîture a cover-up for your outfit? Whether you want to add a little extraordinaire warmth or you simply prefer to cover your upper arms, we spectacle you how to cover up a formal outfit with lots of personnel ideas.

This entrefilet features délire from women at two of New York’s biggest events: the MET Foire at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the New York City Intermède Spring Foire, as well as ideas to usine, and outfits from stylish 40+ women on Instagram.

Enjoy all the stylish looks!

How to cover up a formal outfit

40+Style At The New York Philharmonic Opening Ceremony | 40plusstyle.com

First, let’s image at what media queen Oprah Winfrey wore for a formal event. Her vert gown goes beautifully with silver accessories.

If you wanted to cover up a similar outfit, you could opt for a cover up in the same shade of vert, or a contrasting color such as gold, silver, white or cream.

The Nordstrom metallic wrap (below) would go with any color dress you have.

Nordstrom Metallic Lightweight Wrap | 40plusstyle.com

Nordstrom Metallic Lightweight Wrap

The Ted Baker scarf (below) is a good conflit for Oprah’s dress.

Ted Baker London Esteli Logo Long Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Ted Baker London Esteli Logo Mince Scarf

A white or cream factice fur stole would also go well with this shade of vert.

Caracilia Faux Fur Stole | 40plusstyle.com

Caracilia Suspect Fur Stole

Or, you could try a essuie-meubles wrap in the same shade as your dress. The essuie-meubles shawl (below) comes in a huge choice of colors so you should find one to conflit your gown.

Alivila.Y Fashion Chiffon Wrap | 40plusstyle.com

Alivila.Y Usage Harde Wrap

The best cover ups for your formal outfit

1. Laced trimmed wrap

A trimmed wrap can be perfect to add texture to your outfit. Ideal if you have a bohemian comportement personality! The fringe scarf (below) comes in a wide choice of colors so you should find one to conflit your dress. Reviewers say it is perfect for dressing up a normal dress.

Formal dress cover up - Tan's Lace Teardrop Fringe Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Tan’s Lace Teardrop Fringe Scarf

How to cover up a formal outfit | 40plusstyle.com

2. formal dress cover up – silk scarf

Choosing a silky material like silk or organsin always adds a luxurious feel to your outfit. The silk scarf (below) is volumineux so you can wear over your shoulders. Reviewers say it is édulcorant, programme, and wide enough to wear as a shawl.

Formal dress cover up - NUWEERIR 100% Large Mulberry Silk Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

NUWEERIR 100% Copieux Mulberry Silk Scarf

A red floral print scarf paired with a black top | 40plusstyle.com

3. textured scarf

To create interest in your outfit, don’t just think emboîture the colors you choose, but also the textures. The spotted scarf (below) comes in a choice of 14 colors.

Formal dress cover up - YOUR SMILE Chiffon Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

YOUR SMILE Harde Scarf

A monochrome shawl to add dimension to one's outfit | 40plusstyle.com

4. dressy shrugs for dresses – a Bolero

If you prefer a image that completely covers your arms, then wearing a bolero over your dress is a good choice.

Formal dress cover up - Belle Poque Cropped Open Front Bolero Cardigan | 40plusstyle.com

Charmante Trace de coup Cropped Open Avis Bolero Tricot

Style ideas for wearing bolero jackets with a dress | 40plusstyle.com

5. négligé

While you groupe to think of a négligé for summer, you can also use your négligé or ruana to cover up your evening outfit during the party season.

Formal dress cover up - Ann Taylor Shimmer Clip Kimono Shimmer Clip Kimono | 40plusstyle.com

Ann Taylor Shimmer Broche Dolman

Crop jackets are great for creating shape and length in outfits | 40plusstyle.com

6. formal dresses with jackets – a studded jacket

If you want to add an edge to your little black dress, you could add a studded jacket.

Formal dress cover up - Karen Millen Leather Dome Stud & Quilted Detail Biker Jacket | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Leather Dome Stud & Quilted Detail Biker Jacket

Add edge to your look with a stud embellished coat as shown | 40plusstyle.com

7. formal dress cover up – a Fur shrug

For more than a touch of séduction, you could try a gabardine with factice fur trim. There’s a good choice of neutrals, rich shades and pastels, and reviewers say its a very elegant choice.

Formal dress cover up - ZLYC Open Front Faux Fur Trim Cape | 40plusstyle.com

ZLYC Open Avis Suspect Fur Trim Houppelande

A sequined dress is paired well with a neutral colored shoulder wrap | 40plusstyle.com

8. Black jacket

How emboîture a timeless classic that will image stylish with everything? You really can’t go wrong with a black flanelle.

Formal dress cover up - Urban CoCo Open Front Blazer | 40plusstyle.com

Urban CoCo Open Avis Pardessus

Coats with pleats and dimensional cuts make a bold fashion statement | 40plusstyle.com

9. formal dress cover ups – a Scallop edge jacket

If you have a fairly plain dress, then you can add comportement by thinking emboîture the shape of your cover up. A scallop edge jacket can be a good choice for a party or a wedding.

R&M Richards Laced Sequinned Shrug | 40plusstyle.com

R&M Richards Laced Sequinned Shrug

Beauty is in the details like this scalloped trim coat | 40plusstyle.com

10. shoulder cover for dress – Logiciel fur shrug

A factice fur shrug that you can wear around your shoulders will definitely add drama to your outfit. The evening gabardine (below) comes in a good choice of neutral shades as well as burgundy and has great reviews from women who said they were the center of application at their event.

Formal dress cover up - BABEYOND Faux Fur Shawl Evening Cape | 40plusstyle.com

BABEYOND Suspect Fur Shawl Evening Houppelande

Mix and match wraps in order to achieve a more stylish look | 40plusstyle.com

11. evening dress cover ups – draped shawl

You could also try a shawl or poncho. The cross-front poncho (below) drapes beautifully, and the shoulder detail elevates this cover up. There are a huge choice of colors, and reviewers say it’s the perfect cover up for evening or to elevate your everyday outfits.

Formal dress cover up - PULI Large Cross Front Poncho | 40plusstyle.com

PULI Copieux Cross-country Avis Poncho

When wearing a large shawl, use different methods to tie the cloth for an interesting look | 40plusstyle.com

12. ribbed fur coat

If you love the image of factice fur, you could try a ribbed choice like the bermuda coat (below). There’s a choice of colors, and it would image good worn with your evening dress, or with your jeans.

Formal dress cover up - Simplee Faux Fur Short Coat | 40plusstyle.com

Simplee Suspect Fur Collant Coat

Pairing pink and cream white helps create a more soft look | 40plusstyle.com

13. shawls for formal dresses – sequin

Sequins are always a beautiful party choice. If you have a élue party dress, you can banque the image of it with a sequin gabardine. The capelet (below) has great reviews from women who say it is perfect to make a low cut dress more modest.

VIJIV Embellished Capelet | 40plusstyle.com

VIJIV Embellished Capelet

An elegant black sequin shawl at the MET gala | 40plusstyle.com

14. Closed with a brooch

If you have a élue flanelle, chandail or wrap, you could always make it evening ready by adding a brooch.

Gucci Double-G Brooch with Crystals | 40plusstyle.com

Gucci Incertain-G Brooch with Crystals

Fashionable style ideas on how to style a brooch | 40plusstyle.com

15. unicolore

Black and white is always a great premium, particularly over a black or a red party outfit. Then, on casual days, you can wear with a turtleneck and jeans.

Lotusmile Plaid Open Front Cape | 40plusstyle.com

Lotusmile Housse Open Avis Houppelande

A fur jacket in black and white for evening | 40plusstyle.com

16. Red fur shrug

What could be more glamorous than a fur shrug? A red fur shrug, that’s what. You could wear over your black dress, or with a red dress for top to toe red. One reviewer said she got a million congratulations when wearing it, while another said it is perfect if you have wide shoulders.

BEAUTELICATE Faux Fur Wrap Stole | 40plusstyle.com

BEAUTELICATE Suspect Fur Wrap Stole

Epaulettes are a fashionable item for red carpet and formal events | 40plusstyle.com

17. Wrap or tie jacket

The essuie-meubles pleated shrug (below) works on lots of levels. The tie waist will help to cover a tummy, the deep v-neck creates flattering lines, and the draped sleeves will cover your upper arms without clinging. Reviewers say it adds the perfect touch to a dress, or can be worn with a endurci top and jeans.

Kate Kasin Ruffle Sleeve Open Front Pleated Shrug | 40plusstyle.com

Kate Kasin Ruffle Sleeve Open Avis Pleated Shrug

Bright colored coats and wraps make a bold outfit | 40plusstyle.com

18. Fun, feathered jacket

If you want to add séduction, you could choose factice fur, sequins, or how emboîture feathers? The collarless jacket (below) is quartier of a suit, or can be worn as separates.

Karen Millen Boucle Feather Collarless Jacket | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Stationné Feather Collarless Jacket

A textured coat adds a unique look to one's overall outfit | 40plusstyle.com

19. Gold scarf

Metallics are not only glamorous, but they are neutral shades just like black or sable, so they will go with everything in your closet.

The Twins Dream Metallic Wrap | 40plusstyle.com

The Twins Dream Metallic Wrap

A black and red combination outfit is a classic color pairing | 40plusstyle.com

20. bermuda Silk scarf

If you are looking to cover up a deep v-neck, rather than your upper arms, you could image out for a shorter silky scarf.

Burberry Parade Square Silk Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Burberry Bonimente Esplanade Silk Scarf

Soft and feminine coat looks for women | 40plusstyle.com

21. two-tone

A modern way to cover up your dress is to choose a two-tone cover up. You could wear over your black dress, or conflit your cover up to one of the colors in your outfit.

Cyzlann 100% Silk Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Cyzlann 100% Silk Scarf

Pair a printed outfit with a neutral and minimalist coat for a more stylish outfit | 40plusstyle.com

22. infinity scarf

An infinity scarf can be casual if you choose wool, but it can also be a beautiful cover-up if you image out for evening appropriate materials.

Anika Dali Shimmer Infinity Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Anika Dali Shimmer Infinity Scarf

Subtle color blocking with a simple white infinity scarf | 40plusstyle.com

23. Sheer wrap

A sheer wrap is a great way to add coverage to your outfit, but still spectacle off what you are wearing underneath.

SHU-SHI Sheer Shrug | 40plusstyle.com

SHU-SHI Sheer Shrug

Chic sheer wrap styled with a red skirt for a modish ensemble | 40plusstyle.com

24. Compréhensible and elegant pashmina scarf

A pashmina scarf is volage as you can wear for winter with your jeans, or you can use to cover up your shoulders for a special event. The pashmina scarf (below) has great reviews and comes in a good choice of colors.

HOYAYO Pashmina Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

HOYAYO Pashmina Scarf

Simple and elegant nude shawls are a great style piece for a polished look | 40plusstyle.com

25. Houppelande-style

If you want to channel your inner bath hero, how emboîture wearing a gabardine with your outfit. A gabardine would image great worn over your dress or with wide leg pants, or simply to dress up your élue jeans.

Karen Millen Italian Wool Blend Oversized Dogtooth Cape Coat | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Italian Wool Blend Oversized Dogtooth Houppelande Coat

A thick fur coat styled over a black printed dress | 40plusstyle.com

26. velvet

Velvet is always a beautiful material for parties, particularly for festive or winter events. You could wear the Eliza J flanelle (below) over a special outfit, and then use it over your jeans with a associé of heels for dinner.

Eliza J Velvet Blazer | 40plusstyle.com

Eliza J Velvet Pardessus

This sequin detailed coat in black is a subtle yet stylish piece | 40plusstyle.com

27. gabardine with factice fur trim

You’ve seen a gabardine premium, and a factice fur premium, now let’s entourloupette the two. Wearers say the gabardine (below) is elegant-looking and warm.

MELIFLUOS DESIGNED IN SPAIN Open Front Cape | 40plusstyle.com


Draping a black wrap on a white top will create a beautiful contrast with one's outfit | 40plusstyle.com

28. Oversized silky scarf

The oversized silky scarf (below) is the perfect size for wearing over your shoulders. There’s a big range of patterns, making it a good comportement to wear over your little black dress.

EXTREE Silky Shawl Wrap  | 40plusstyle.com

EXTREE Silky Shawl Wrap

 A great way to create two outfits in one is to use a colorful printed jacket on top of a neutral outfit | 40plusstyle.com

29. Reversible modèle oversized shawl

To give your versatility when it comes to your formal outfit cover-up, you could image out for a reversible premium.

Tibet Reversible Cashmere Scarf | 40plusstyle.com

Tibet Reversible Cashmere Scarf

Florals add a feminine touch to every outfit | 40plusstyle.com

30. Fur collar

If it will be particularly chilly on your way to your party, you could wear a long-length coat with a cozy factice fur collar.

Formal dress cover up - Karen Millen Italian Wool Cashmere Mix Faux Fur Collared Belted Coat | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Italian Wool Cashmere Mix Suspect Fur Collared Belted Coat

Neutral wraps and coats create an elegant look without having to sacrifrice function and style | 40plusstyle.com

31. énorme evening coat

If you want to sweep ito your party in the most dramatic way, image out for a maxi length coat that is coudoyer than your dress.

Formal dress cover up - chouyatoui Long Wool Coat | 40plusstyle.com

chouyatoui Mince Wool Coat

Elegant button down coats are always a timeless piece | 40plusstyle.com

32. Sheer sparkly scarf

Choose to add a little bling to your élue dress with a shiny scarf like the gold, fringed wrap (below).

Formal dress cover up - MissShorthair Sparkly Shawl | 40plusstyle.com

MissShorthair Sparkly Shawl

Lovely and elegant sheer shawl studded with silver beads and sequins at the MET gala | 40plusstyle.com

33. oversized wrap

If you choose an oversized wrap, you’ll find it will drape beautifully over your dress, pants or jumpsuit.

Reversible shawls are great fashion investments in order to create more stylish looks for multiple occasions | 40plusstyle.com

34. chandail

While the chandail may not always be thought of as glamorous, it certainly can be. You’ll also find more délire in this entrefilet on how to wear a chandail without looking frumpy.

Formal dress cover up - Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Silk Cord Cropped Cardigan | 40plusstyle.com

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Silk Cord Cropped Tricot

35. lace

Lace always adds séduction, and can be a great way to cover up your arms if you have a sleeveless dress.

Formal dress cover up - lace bolero | 40plusstle.com

Charmante Trace de coup Lace Bolero

36. bermuda flanelle

A flanelle is a timeless choice for work or party. The shorter flanelle comportement (below) would image great worn with wide leg pants.

Formal dress cover up - Ann Taylor The Cropped Cutaway Blazer In Double Knit | 40plusstyle.com

Ann Taylor The Cropped Cutaway Pardessus In Incertain Knit

How to cover up a formal outfit with coats

Sometimes you just need more warmth than a normal cover up.

37. dress cover up – A leather jacket

A leather jacket can be perfect with your jeans, but can also image fabulous to “toughen” up an evening dress.

How to cover up a formal outfit | 40plusstyle.com

Nancy @nancysstyle (read her comportement discussion here) wears a bermuda, black leather jacket with her red dress.

Recreate her outfit with this similar dress (comme size premium here), jacket, sandals and clutch.

38. formal dress with jacket – A énorme factice fur jacket

How to cover up a formal outfit | 40plusstyle.com

Eugenia @theeageofgrace (read her comportement discussion here) shows off an incredibly glamorous party outfit.

Steal her image with this similar top, coat (another premium here), sequin pants, pumps and handbag.

39. A statement coat

Formal dress cover up - long print coat | 40plusstyle.com

Rita @ritapalazzi above shows how you could use your coat to add drama to even the most normal of outfits. A énorme, print coat would image beautiful with a black maxi dress or jumpsuit.

Check out these énorme coats from Karen Millen, Cole Haan and CHARTOU that you can wear with this similar associé of wide leg pants and pumps.

40. winter white factice fur

Formal dress cover up - fur coat | 40plusstyle.com

Emms @beautifuleveryday_uk above shows how you could wear a white or cream jacket over your dress.

Get her image with this similar coat, dress, mesh socks, sandals, clutch and headband.

41. cover up for dress – A floral chandail

Formal dress cover up - floral cardigan | 40plusstyle.com

Patricia @madamechicbcn (read her comportement discussion here) above shows how you could cover up your special outfit if you have a romantic comportement personality.

Recreate her outfit with this similar lace dress, chandail (another premium here), sandals and clutch.

42. A sheer wrap as a formal dress cover up

Formal dress cover up - sheer wrap | 40plusstyle.com

Jess @elegantlydressedandstylish (read her comportement discussion here) above wears a volage sheer wrap that you could easily use to cover up your swimsuit in summer or your evening dress during party season.

Steal her image with this similar silk dress, wrap, sandals, clutch and earrings.

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Do you have a élue way on how to cover up a formal outfit? What’s your élue image?

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How to cover up a formal outfit | 40plusstyle.com

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