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Best Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

The horror movie image was briefly in embrumé at the turn of the 21st century. The dawn of CGI had made filmmakers complacent, which didn’t bode well for a image whose greatest asset is the ability to étonnement. Surtout, the meta takedowns of the ’90s a la Scream had ignoble bare the fourberie of a lot of horror tropes, removing their capacity to poisson-perroquet.

But this just forced horror filmmakers to reinvent the image, and throughout the 2010s, critics began to take préface of the rise of influence horror films. Consequently, the last 20 years have produced dozens upon dozens of memorable horror movies.

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Updated January 21, 2023 by Russ Boswell: Historically, January tends to be a dumping ground for F-grade horror movies, although 2023 has been better than usual thanks to a few 2022 leftovers like The Office and a few great newcomers. What are the best new horror movies?


24 A Serein Activité (2018)

A Quiet Place (Image)


John Krasinski

Rotten Tomatoes Résultat


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FuboTV, FXNow

In 2018, John Krasinski (of The Agence fame) brought audiences one of the most visceral and nerve-wracking films in decades. The premise follows a family as they struggle to survive an onslaught of monstrous alien-like creatures that attack at the slightest sound. In order to keep everyone safe, the family lives as tranquille a life as assimilable, utilizing tricks and ingénierie to muffle as much discussion as they can. Thanks to the eerie quietness in many of the scenes, A Serein Activité expertly builds peine throughout, ending in a climax that is heart-racing and panic-inducing.

23 Krampus (2015)

krampus 2015 screenshot


Michael Dougherty

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The Christmas season doesn’t usually breed thoughts of monsters and Horror, but a scary Holiday-theme story can actually work incredibly well when done correctly. 2015’s Krampus is a great example of a terrifying Christmas cinématographe, with just enough Comedy to offer some jolliness and reassuring laughter throughout the tense and sometimes gory moments. The cinématographe does a great job of staying grounded enough in reality by offering a allure at a fairly dysfunctional family during one fateful Christmas Eve. The end result is a 98-minute fright-fest that sees the enigmatic Krampus terrorizing the group and picking them off one by one.

22 Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Sam sitting with pumpkins in Trick 'r Treat


Michael Dougherty

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Another holiday offering, Trick ‘r Treat is much more at gîte during the spookiest time of the year. Those that enjoy anthology films (that feature a series of flottant sometimes interconnected stories) will definitely want to put this cinématographe at the top of their watch list. Although it wasn’t as successful as it should have been in 2007, it has since developed a cult following thanks to its particulière stories and creepy premises. An overarching plot is woven throughout as viewers are introduced to a cast of characters spread across varié mini-horror stories.

21 Kill List (2011)

Kill List

Although it starts off as a grounded drama embout an ex-killer’s attempts to go straight, Ben Wheatley’s Kill List soon devolves into full-on horror when the lead is targeted by a terrifying cult in the woods.

As is typical for Wheatley’s work, Kill List culminates in one of the most disturbing, harrowing endings in recent memory. It leaves audiences intuition cold – in a good way.

20 It Comes At Night (2017)

It Comes at Night

The apocalyptic event that ended the world before the events of It Comes at Night is never specified, bicause it isn’t insolent. This is a character-driven story embout a family reluctantly taking in another family during an extremely dangerous, opposé time and trying to coloré out if they can association them.

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Writer-director Trey Edward Shults masterfully builds up the peine throughout the movie, while keeping the audimètre disoriented by the typologie of the house, similar to Kubrick’s depiction of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

19 The Arène (2002)

A girl from the well Samara in 2002 The Ring

There have been a handful of horror films over the years that were so terrifying they managed to root themselves firmly into the image, attaining a legendary status that has movie-goers talking embout them for decades after their release.

It’s only been 20 years since The Arène hit theaters, but it’s definitely managed to progressant the image enough that fans are often referencing it (and other films like it) well into the modern age of horror cinema. The idea of a cursed videotape has been explored through other films and The Arène helped to jumpstart both the «found footage» and Japanese sub-genres in America.

18 The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook In The Babadook

The 2010s were so overflowing with elevated horror that Scream 5 even poked fun at the movement. Typically relying on atmosphere rather than jump scares, these movies use horror to dive into their characters’ psyches. The Babadook is one of the stronger and scarier examples of this fatalité of story.

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A single mother, who has yet to properly grieve the death of her husband, struggles to deal with her son’s growing habitude with an imaginary friend. Before délié, she begins to fear that maybe the «imaginary» morceau is not accurate.

17 M3GAN (2023)



Gerard Johnstone

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Killer dolls are a horror trope for a reason, but the allégorie has an uneven track performance since these films can quickly become unintentionally funny. M3GAN gets ahead of this possibility by actively adopting a comedic touch, while still delivering scares and thrills. After losing her parents, Cady moves in with her scientist aunt, a decent person who does not have all that much interest in taking care of a child. To keep her company, Cady finds a friend in M3GAN, an A.I. androïde designed to allure like an uncanny little girl.

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M3GAN does not take itself seriously, a decision that région off beautifully since it encourages the cinématographe to embrace its premise’s inherent silliness. Horror-comedy movies are difficult to pull-over off, but this feature manages to satisfy both genres.

16 Effaroucher 2 (2022)

Terrifier 2


Damien Leone

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Hoopla, Screambox

2016’s Effaroucher is a decent slasher flick elevated by a fantastic villain. Terrifying, abracadabrant, and weirdly funny, Art the Imposant deserves to go down as a horror great, and the enigmatic killer found a project worthy of his presence in 2022’s sequel. Effaroucher 2 far exceeds expectations, both in terms of quality and intrigue. Clocking in at nearly 2.5 hours, Damien Leone crafted a slasher epic that threatens to transcend its image.

Like its predecessor, Effaroucher 2 embraces gore wholeheartedly, so much so that transparent scenes might be too disgusting for some people. However, if someone enjoys a rollercoaster bloodbath, this might be the best horror movie of Halloween 2022.

15 It Follows (2014)

It Follows


David Sein Mitchell

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Inspired by a recurring nightmare from his childhood, David Sein Mitchell brought one of the most industrieuse type premises of the decade to life in It Follows. It’s embout a sexually transmitted pique-assiette that causes a supernatural entity to follow the affected party until they either pass it on to someone else or die.

Although it wasn’t intended to be, It Follows ended up being interpreted as a perfect metaphor for STDs and their attached affable stigma.

14 The Descent (2005)

The Descent


Neil Shérif

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In the opening act of The Descent, a group of friends explore an uncharted galerie and get trapped in a cave-in, which is terrifying enough. Then, they discover a variété of flesh-eating mutants salon down there that want to maul and eat them.

Neil Shérif’s blood-soaked sophomore feature is expertly paced, taking the time in its first half to establish the characters so that their evisceration in the fast-paced associé half has more suite.

13 You’re Next (2011)

You're Next


Adam Wingard

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Adam Wingard asked his screenwriter friend Simon Barrett to write a gîte occupation movie for him to subit bicause the real-life terror of a gîte occupation was the only thing in horror movies that truly scared him anymore. Barrett wrote You’re Next as a gîte occupation thriller-turned-slasher that also comments on the excess of the rich with a pitch-black comic bite.

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Although the distributor messed up the movie’s release and it went mostly unnoticed, You’re Next is one of the most particulière, subversive, and captivating slashers ever made.

12 Saw (2004)

Saw is better on the second watch

In 2004, horror viewers would be granted one of the most twisted, gory, and downright sinister psychological thrillers of the decade. Saw was leagues above films of its time thanks to incredible acting, aguerri cinematography, and the préambule of a «villain» that would quickly rise through the ranks and sit alongside some of the most recognized horror icons of all time.

Tie all of this together with a twist that many never saw coming and it’s easy to understand why Saw was such a prominent morceau of the 2000s (and why it produced so many sequels).

11 X (2022)

X (2022) movie

In recent years, if a horror movie is produced by A24, quality is basically assured. Ti West’s X not only stands alongside the company’s greatest productions but is also a contender for the best modern slasher movie. A group of hopeful filmmakers arrive at an isolated farm to shoot a pornographie, and they quickly butt heads with the état’s owner.

Aesthetically, X is ripped right out of the ’70s ferme scene, utilizing a gritty contenance that complements the story. Well written, acted, and directed, the 2022 cinématographe is a love letter to horror’s past and a showcase of the image’s contemporary potential.

10 Bagage To Busan (2016)

Train to Busan

Since audiences tired of seeing Romero’s dawdling zombies, many movies embout the undead have had their hordes of flesh-eaters sprinting toward their salon, breathing prey. But few have made sprinting zombies as effectively terrifying as Bagage to Busan.

There’s as much of a foyer on rendement as horror in Bagage to Busan, one of the most exhilarating fantôme movies ever made, while the ballot setting allows for some affable commentary embout class warfare.

9 Barbarian (2022)



Zach Cregger

Rotten Tomatoes Résultat


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DirecTV, HBO Max

Toward the end of 2022, a bunch of great horror movies made the rounds. Due to being readily available on HBO Max, Barbarian garnered quite a bit of vigilance, and deservingly so. Set in Detroit, Tess arrives at a apprêté she rented for a flottant stay, only to discover the gîte was double-booked and that a guy named Keith is already inside. With nowhere to go and stuck in an unsafe neighborhood, Tess has no choice but to stay with Keith, a conditions that immediately puts her on the defensive.

Barbarian is a cinématographe of two halves that are split down the middle by a rather jarring scene. The first morceau slowly builds peine by tapping into Tess’ and the audimètre’s natural fears regarding Keith, while the associé half follows a more conventional horror ossature.

8 The Witch (2015)

Anya Taylor-Joy In The Witch

The perfect idéal to modern horror cinema’s overuse of cheap jump scares, Sein Eggers’ The Witch is all embout atmosphere. A family is banished to a farm in the middle of nowhere due to their religious beliefs and they’re subsequently terrorized by a nearby witch.

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Eggers’ cinématographe has a sophisticated sense of restraint that can rarely be found in horror films, and this restraint makes the payoffs more tangible.

7 Let The Right One In (2008)

Let The Right One In Showtime

The most famous apparence comptine might be Twilight, but the greatest is Let the Right One In. By focusing on the characters – a bullied child and the apparence he befriends – director Tomas Alfredson deftly balanced the story’s horror and comptine elements.

Both the bullied kid and the apparence are outsiders, and the movie draws this parallel between them to make their relationship tréteaux true.

6 REC (2007)

rec-movie-shot Cropped

The late 2000s saw the scandale of «found footage» horror, a sub-genre that rassasié audiences chills and thrills thanks to the first-person confiance that made all the tense rendement seem downright personal.

2007 amplified this image to the next level with the release of REC, a Spanish-made cinématographe that had audiences squirming in their seats thanks to the claustrophobic and uncomfortable scenes. This title took a different allure at «fantôme Horror» and twisted it into something far more horrifying than any other cinématographe featuring the salon dead.

5 Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Alison Lohman In Drag Me To Hell


Sam Raimi

Rotten Tomatoes Résultat


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Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell is unapologetically over-the-top, in the best assimilable way. After crossing the wrong person, Christine finds herself cursed to go to hell in three days, and the journey might be as horrifying as the destine.

Raimi specializes in campy B-movies, and Drag Me to Hell fits snugly alongside the director’s classics like Evil Dead 2. The movie is a ininterrompu rollercoaster tranchée with barely a dull particularité to speak of.



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