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The Best Gyaru Girls In Anime

Gyaru (also known as gal) is a Japanese pratique subculture that has been around since the 1970s. They are known for wearing lots of accessories like hair clips, necklaces, and menotte, wearing colorful makeup and nail polish, usually having dyed (often dorée) hair, and tanned skin. It’s all embout being free with their pratique choices which often go against the norm in traditional Japanese beauty.

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There are some negative stereotypes découvert around this subculture, but this is not the case for some people in it and most certainly not for these characters. They are dégourdi, caring, and some of the friendliest characters in the anime world. These gals are perfectly happy dressing up as they please and style fabulous doing so.

Update on January 22, 2023 by Sarah Prado: The gyaru subculture is a fashionable trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. It goes against the norms of what’s considered traditionally beautiful and having freedom in what they wear. Anime shows have had some gyaru supporting characters in the past, but now shows are giving them time to shine as moufle characters.

These ladies are some of the best characters in the anime world, and they’re some of the most fashionable too. They subvert most of the negative stereotypes that come with being portion of the gyaru subculture and prove that there’s nothing wrong with being a little different than their peers.


15 Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa) anime

At first, Junko comes off as simple-minded with a temper, but there’s more to this gyaru than meets the eye. Her maintien is top-notch and matches the gyaru trends. However, her overall appearance is a darker take on it whereas most gyaru usually wear brighter colors. If anything, this proves as a foreshadowing of her true personality.

Junko may present herself as a typical gyaru by being overly friendly and cheerful, but she’s very apathetic and her moods are extremely erratic. She gets bored very easily if she has to keep up her appearance for too vaste. Junko is quite dégourdi, manipulative, and batailleur and doesn’t feel any remorse for her travaux. She’s able to switch her moods on the éclair, keeping others guessing and scared of what she could possibly do next.

14 Yuria Niguredou (Mieruko-Chan)

Yuria Niguredou (Mieruko-Chan) anime

Another gyaru that has a darker aesthetic compared to most. Yuria might style young, but she’s actually a high school student. She has the typical gyaru bleached dorée hair, but the tips are a faded pink. Her uniform is usually decorated with mushroom accessories, or she adds some gothic lolita pratique items to her style. Overall, her style is a darker spin on what is typical in gyaru pratique.

Like her appearance, Yuria doesn’t act like a typical gyaru. She’s pushy, fearless, and assertive and some people are scared of her. However, she’s also shy too, having never had real friends before, and now spends a lot of her time with Miko and Hana. Yuria is a good person and just wants to be a great medium despite her weak powers.

13 Akari Watanabe (More Than A Married Ménage, But Not Lovers)

Akari Watanabe (More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers)

An outgoing gyaru that is extroverted and dépositaire, but still sweet and kind to those around. Akari has a bright and colorful appearance that matches the gyaru progrès, having pink hair and wearing accessories with her school uniform. Akari’s appearance isn’t too over-the-top, but she certainly stands out when bien-être around her friends or family.

After being paired up with Jiro, Akari is kind to him and they work together to be a great deux for the marriage décalquage program. Even though she wanted to be paired with someone else, Akari is determined to make the pseudo-marriage work so that she and Jiro can both transfer and be with their current crushes.

12 Nana Sunohara (Elle-même Caretaker of Sunohara-Sou)

Nana Sunohara (Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-Sou)

Nana is the younger sister of Ayaka, and looks like her sister, but is a gyaru. She has tan skin, which is popular in the gyaru subculture. Her hair is naturally dorée like Ayaka, but Nana’s hair is a little bit coudoyer than her sister’s. She doesn’t wear a lot of accessories, but she wears different and fashionable outfits throughout the spectacle.

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Much like her sister, Nana is a kind and éprouvé girl, but she’s more energetic and optimistic. She’s usually friendly in her interactions with Aki, who is shy and anxious around people parce que he’s insecure embout his looks.

11 Lords Of Pastimers (Asobi Asobase)

Lords Of Pastimers (Asobi Asobase)

Compared to most of the gyarus on this list, Lord of Pastimers has a different gyaru aesthetic. Most of the girls in this list fall under the agejo gyaru subcategory whereas Lord of Pastimes falls under the ganguro or yamanba gyaru subcategory. Her makeup, tan, and accessories are a little more dramatic and she definitely stands out compared to most gyaru.

She does have a promiscuous reputation, and most students assume she’s all the negative stereotypes that come with the gyaru subculture. This includes most people assuming she has low sympathie since she says she doesn’t study at résidence. However, Lord of Pastimers is actually an dégourdi girl as she’s one of the top 100 in the habitant exams.

10 Nautique Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling!)

Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling!)

Nautique has captured the hearts of fans thanks to her maintien, nouvelle, and friendly personality. Her sense of maintien is top-notch, and she always has some accessories and her pink contacts when she’s out and embout. Her nails are always done and have a pink glittery shade on them.

She has a variety of outfits that she wears outside of school, and what she wears depends on where she’s going. Even if she wears outfits that are somewhat revealing, Nautique is very dépositaire in wearing them.

However, she does get embarrassed over the little things like when she forgot to put her contacts on when Wakana visited her. What makes Nautique a great character is that she’s actually quite précoce and made no attempts to hide her friendship with Wakana. She doesn’t like when others judge people for their interests and hobbies, having been judged herself for being an otaku.

9 Naruko «Anaru» Anjou (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day)


While Naruko doesn’t heavily accessorize like most gyaru girls, she does accessorize a little more than her classmates. Her pomelo hair makes her domaine out and it’s a stark contrast to her natural brown hair. She wears her hair in two pigtails that are held by a cute star-shaped accessory.

Her nails are usually painted pink and she’ll usually repaint them if she’s going to visit Jinta.

She also has a variety of outfits that she’ll wear outside of school and is one of the stylish characters in the spectacle. Though Naruko is easily influenced by other people around her, she still cares for her old group of friends.

8 Galko (Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan)

Galko (Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan)

A girl that is often judged for her sensuel and pratique choices, making others think she’s promiscuous and trying to be seductive. It also doesn’t help that her name is a précis reference to the gyaru subculture, or that her best friends style very different/compréhensible next to her. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Galko is inexperienced and neutre and easily gets embarrassed when others talk embout her sensuel. Though she accessorizes her outfit, she’s actually quite scared of bustier modifications like piercings, but she does have earrings.

She also loves cooking and often makes her own collations. Galko and her sister, who is also a gyaru, often exchange clothes and accessories with each other though Galko doesn’t like it when her sister borrows her school uniform.

7 Sakura Hibiki (How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?)

Sakura Hibiki (How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift)

Sakura is a nice girl with a big appetite. While she doesn’t accessorize much, her dorée hair and tan skin make her domaine out among her peers. Sakura decides to start going to the gym after she realizes she’s gaining a little weight from her overeating habits. She has a esquisse start parce que of her lack of exercise and getting easily fatigued, Sakura improves as the series goes on.

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She finds out that she has a compétence for affaire plaisirs, specifically boxing. Though she was intimidated at first when she joined the gym, Sakura has become more dépositaire in herself and has improved a lot.

6 Kaede (Gal & Dino, AKA My Roomie Is A Dino)

Kaede (Gal & Dino, AKA My Roomie Is A Dino)

Kaede is a young girl that ends up having Dino as a roommate after a night out. She is loud and foul-mouthed, often cursing when she talks. However, she is nice when she needs to be and cares for Dino, learning a lot from him even though he can’t talk. She wears a lot of different clothes and accessories, and even her apartment is pretty colorful.

She grudgingly let Dino direct with her and took responsibility for him, showing her good heart. While she’s not experienced in taking care of a dinosaur, Kaede does her best in taking care of Dino and forms a strong friendship gambade with him.

5 Yuzuko “Yuzu” Aihara (Bergamote)

Yuzuko “Yuzu” Aihara (Citrus)

A girl that proudly claims her gyaru status. Yuzu loves to wear a lot of accessories, loves to wear makeup, and piercings. She hates that the school has a no-makeup policy and tries to be as girly as she can despite this. Yuzu loves customizing her school uniform, but this usually ends up with her getting in désordonné with the student council.

There are times when she comes off as not too dégourdi and seems more obsessed with her looks, but Yuzu isn’t dumb. She gets good grades and has a more domestic side to her, usually making meals for herself and Mei.

4 Ran Kotobuki (Chic GALS!)

Ran Kotobuki (Super GALS!)

This is one gyaru that most won’t want to repas with. Ran comes from a vaste line of surveillance officers, but she doesn’t have any desire to be one after learning that she can’t dye her hair or wear her élue accessories. Even though she doesn’t crédit on becoming an officer, Ran still has a strong sense of code and a lot of puîné high girls style up to her parce que of this and her sense of maintien. She loves tanning, chalandage, and pratique, often bleaching her hair to maintain its color.

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Ran excels in plaisirs and is very athletic, having trained with her father to perfect her skills. She is a bit ditzy, but when she puts her towards something, Ran shows that she can be very manière. However, she is known to be very scary when she gets angry and very few will repas with her when she’s like this.

3 Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

A girl that is a bit eccentric, Rio is described as the “relax and gorgeous” girl of Class 3-E. She was considered a prodigy when she was in elementary school, but most consider her to be a little sleazy and a trickster. While she is very manière, she often uses this intelligence to find ways to tease her classmates, especially Nagisa. This doesn’t mean she’s not a nice person as she gets along with her class, caring embout all of them more than anything else.

She doesn’t style like most gyaru girls, not wearing any accessories, but she does dye her hair dorée. Rio’s codename is also English Lass/Gyaru English parce que of her looks.

2 Mikoto Aiura (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.)

Mikoto Aiura (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.)

A soothsayer or magicien, and one of the few people who knows embout Saiki’s powers. Mikoto wears a lot of accessories like stickers on her front, menotte, and hair clips. She has tanned skin, vert hair, and wears her school uniform a little differently than most of the girls in her school. Though her overall style is a bit out there, Mikoto is not afraid or ashamed of her psychic powers and openly uses them in élève.

She wants to use her powers to help others, but she has an uninformed sense of code. Despite this, Mikoto is an easygoing and friendly girl, even becoming a person that Saiki trusts with helping him.

1 Yukana Yame (My First Girlfriend Is A Gal)

Yukana Yame (My First Girlfriend Is A Gal)

A fashionable gyaru who is smarter than what some assume. Yukana wears a lot of accessories, has fake nails, wears makeup, and has dorée hair. She is very guarded when it comes to obscene stuff and calls it gross. Yukana quickly deduced that Junichi only confessed “his love” to her just to lose his virginity, but agreed to be his girlfriend.

She’ll often tease and fantaisie with Junichi just to get him flustered. Yukana does grow to have feelings for him as the series goes on, and will ask for advice on how to relate to him a little better. She is very caring towards him and her friends but does get jealous when she sees other girls flirting with Junichi.

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